I created a new VM.Standard.A1.Flex shape VPS on Oracle Cloud. It is just a FREE VPS. ARM VPS: 3 ocpu 20 GB RAM 47 GB storage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers Ampere Altra processors and the industry’s first 80-core Arm server at only $0.01 per core hour, with flexible sizingContinue Reading

When I need SSL certificates on my website, I purchase certificates from GoGetSSL.com. Most of my SSL certificates are Sectigo Positive SSL, previously called Comodo. It is a very good deal. $7.90 for two years. Back to my topic today, I like to use ECC SSL instead of RSA SSL.Continue Reading

In my previous post, I promised I will post details of my NAS system. Therefore, I am going to give the full description of my U-NAS.   Official website: http://www.u-nas.cn/ U-NAS Information U-NAS Version Serial Number: 000000000000 U-NAS Model: U-NAS CE System Version: 3.1.1 System Information Host Name: U-NAS HostContinue Reading

Millions of people spend hours every day on their smartphones, tablets and laptops. While some of these hours are spent on productive tasks like work, shopping for necessities and connecting with friends and family, inevitably people get sucked into diverting themselves by scrolling and looking for entertainment and boredom busters.Continue Reading