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What is Flare3D?

When I am playing FarmVille2 on Facebook, I saw a notice on the bottom: Powered by Flare3D Engine. Copyright © 2012 What is Flare3D Engine? I know FarmVille2 is powered by Adobe Flash. But, what is Flare3D? Based on the author bios on Adobe developer page, it said so: Flare3D is a platform for creating

Upgrade Calibre v 1.9.0

New Features of Calibre v1.9.0 Drivers for the new Nook Glowlight, Lenovo IdeaPad and Kindle Fire HDX (linux) Add an option to check for duplicates (books with the same title/author) when copying between libraries. Option is under Preferences->Adding books. Content server: Display book title on details page. Also put the most important fields (authors/series/tags) at

Upgrade Calibre to 1.8.0

New Features of 1.8.0 DOCX Input: Support linked (as opposed to embedded) images, if the linked image is found on the local computer. FB2 Input: Add support for note and cite back references. Link pairs of type=”note” and type=”cite” now automatically generate the correct back reference. When automerging books during during an add, include the

Upgrade Calibre to 1.7.0

It is time to get upgrade from Calibre 1.4.0 to 1.7.0. New Features of 1.7.0 Cover grid: Allow using images as the background for the cover grid. To choose an image, go to Preferences->Look & Feel->Cover Grid. An option to mark newly added books with a temporary mark. Option is in Preferences->Adding books. Edit metadata

Upgrade Calibre to 1.4.0

Only one month, Calibre is from 1.0 to 1.4.0. It looks it start to use the big digit for version number. New Features of 1.4.0 Column icons: Allow the use of multiple icons with column icon rules. You can now have column icon rules display multiple icons in a single column, side by side. There

iolo System Mechanic 11.7

I used iolo System Mechanic for a long time. It is a good PC system tune up utility. iolo has a full line of products from System Mechanic, System Mechanic Business, to System Mechanic Pro edition. It has other tools which can help to Search and Recover lost data, or DriveScrubber to secure the sensitive

Calibre reachs v1.0

It is new release. Even Calibre has updates so often, but it reached v1.0 on Aug 23. The big changes, or new features from 0.9 to 1.0: A grid view of book covers A new, faster database backend Virtual Libraries Conversion of Microsoft Word documents New metadata download sources Full support for font embedding An

Windows Update 2013-08

Windows Update in August 2013 on my Windows 7 64bit. Threr are three critical updates. All must-see. Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (2862772) Vulnerability in Unicode Scripts Processor Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2850869) Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2876063)