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Twitter your new post automatically

I used MT-Twitter before. It is good. When I make a new post and click publish, a new twitter post will be made automatically to announce there is a new post with the link and title.
After upgrade to MovableType 5, I have not do it again. Now I try it and see how it works. I will update this post when I get the answer.
The test result is that it is not working on MT 5.

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Use MaxCDN to make your blog faster

If you come my Blog often, you may fell the site is loaded faster than before. Yes. You are right. I implement CDN to improve my blog performance.
A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a system of computers containing copies of data, placed at various points in a network so as to maximize bandwidth for access to the data from clients throughout the network. A client accesses a copy of the data near to the client, as opposed to all clients accessing the same central server, so as to avoid bottleneck near that server.
Put CSS, js files and images to CDN is a good choice to save bandwidth of blog hosting. The key is cost of CDN is cheaper than web hosting.
It did keep site visitors happy. Get better browser experience from any spot of the World.
I purchased MaxCDN. $10 for 1000GB. I can not find any other CDN provider can beat this price.

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Disable Trackback sitewide

During the past 6 months, all trackbacks are spams. To save the resource of my server, I disable the trackback service sitewide.
I hope to see the CPU and Memory usage drop in the future.
There are still some problem of MovableType on Dreamhost.
Dreamhost is good. I use it for many small sites. But right now, I fell it is more restrict on memory usage. Any time I publish one post, 500 error comes. If rebuild site, situation worse.
I will keep watch it and see if it is getting better. Or I may transfer to VPS.

Upgrade to MovableType 5.01

Now, I upgrade this blog to MovableType 5.01.
I have to say, something is not good enough.
I think MT5 add the site which I don’t need is not good idea.
Why sixapart add the site without ask the blog owner?
I just want MT keep my blog.
OK. I have to say two good points.
1) Rebuild is so fast.
It took about 10 minutes to republish all files. And not get 500 error.
2) Comments pagination is good.

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MovableType 5.01 released

It is so happy that MovableType 5 open to download. Actually it is 5.01.
I did an test upgrade in my test blog. The upgrade procedure is similar to the before.
The upgrade log is
* Upgrading database from version 4.0076.
* Upgrading table for entry_rev records…
* Upgrading table for template_rev records…
* Upgrading table for Website records…
* Upgrading table for MT::Entry::Summary records…
* Upgrading table for Entry records…
* Upgrading table for Session records…
* Upgrading table for MT::Author::Summary records…
* Upgrading table for Template records…
* Upgrading table for Permission records…
* Rebuilding permissions… (100%)
* Updating existing role name…
* Populating new role for website…
* Migrating mtview.php to MT5 style…
* Assigning new system privilege for system administrator…
* Assigning to davidyin…
* Updating existing role name…
* Populating new role for theme…
* Upgrading Asset path informations…
* Classifying blogs… (100%)
* Merging dashboard settings… (100%)
* Migrating existing 5 blogs into websites and its children…
* Generated a website
* Moved blog MT Unofficial Site ( under website
* Moved blog P site ( under website
* Moved blog Motion ( under website
* Moved blog MT4 forum ( under website
* Moved blog Action stream blog ( under website
* Migrating CustomFields type… (100%)
* Database has been upgraded to version 5.0016.
* Plugin ‘Professional Pack’ upgraded successfully to version 1.51 (schema version 1.51).

Upgrade Blog to MovableType 4.31

Now I upgrade this blog to MT 4.31. The release notes said some security issue and improvement.
Minor Security Issue with Entry / Archive Pagination in MT 4.3
With the addition of entry pagination via search, we introduced the possibility of a user viewing a template that might show PHP/ASP code that was not designed to be viewed by the end user and couldn’t be executed. Although there are ways to run PHP under CGI, we put the following barriers in place:
1. Only allow the template_id parameter when the archive_type parameter exists.
2. Force the template being used to match the archive type (e.g. if you’re trying to paginate category archives, the template you’re using has to be one that is producing category archives).
3. Not allow the use of the template_id parameter when the extension is php or asp.
4. Created a config directive (SearchAlwaysAllowTemplateID) that would always allow the use of template_id.
Linked assets widget on edit entry screen not localized
Localized the text in the entry asset widget.
Error in Movable Type 4.3 on rebuild or comment submission “Metadata allow_anon_recommend on MT::Blog not found”
Fixed an issue where you would see the error “Metadata allow_anon_recommend on MT::Blog not found” in various points of the app.
Poor thumbnail image quality using GD
Improve quality of image thumbnails when using GD by creating them as 24-bit color images instead of 8-bit.
MTIfArchiveEnabled tag returns true for archive mappings set to “Do Not Publish”
The mt:IfArchiveTypeEnabled tag now does not return true for archive mappings set to “Do Not Publish”
Not all system templates set system_template MT variable
Fixed a bug where not all system templates set the the system_template variable.
non-superuser editing in system-wide Comments listing
Fixed an issue where non-superusers could see all of the blogs in the global comment listing. Now, only superusers can see them all.
Pagination of Entries includes Pages when viewing dynamically
When using the search-based entry pagination, MT Pages were being included. We’ve fixed this.
Image assets tags not working with custom fields or without it
When using custom fields in conjunction with entry assets in MT 4.3 Pro, you would lose the entry-asset association on entry save. This bug has been fixed.
MT4.3 mt.js does not respect the CommentScript config directive and causes the dynamic comment listing to fail
Removed some hard-coded references to mt-comments.cgi in mt.js. It now properly uses the CommentScript tag.
Registry corruption caused by MT::Worker::SummaryWatcher
Added a patch to avoid registry corruption caused by MT::Worker::SummaryWatcher. (Thanks Reed!)
Comment Author Link Returns 404 Instead of Linking To Author Page in Community Template Set
Fixed an issue where the profile_view_url variable was not being passed to any page of comments after the first one (in the Community template set).
Unsaved entry preview loses asset association
Fixed a bug where asset associations in an unsaved entry were lost after previewing and returning to edit the entry.

MovableType Upgrade facility is so good

I have a blog which is used internally in the Lan. It is MovableType 3.34.
You know MT 3.34 is a version released two years ago. This time I want to upgrade it to MovableType 4.3.
This blog is running on a Windows server with IIS 5 and Perl version: 5.8.7.
The upgrade procedures I took are same as regular one. No problem.
1) Backup the database through MySQL admin
2) Download MovableType 4.3 zip file, and unzip it.
3) Copy all files to overwrite the old installation.

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