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Change Feeds Output

If you subscribe my Blog feed, you may noticed that the feed is not full content output anymore. Yes, I change the way feeds output.
Let me show you how to change it to excerpt in MovableType 5.04.
Click Design, Templates,
Open the feed template, for me, it is atom.xml
Find the following code

 <$MTEntryBody encode_xml="1"$>
 <$MTEntryMore encode_xml="1"$>

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Upgrade to Movabletype 5.04

Read the following messages from SixApart.

Movable Type 5.04 and Movable Type 4.35 were released today. These are mandatory security updates for all users. These updates resolve multiple vulnerabilities discovered in Movable Type 5.x and Movable Type 4.x.
A remote attacker could execute arbitrary code in a logged-in users’ web browser. A remote attacker could read or modify the contents in the system under certain circumstances.

It is always my top priority to upgrade my blog.

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Update Syntaxhighlight 3 on Movabletype

I use SyntaxHightlight for codes showing tools on Movabletype for many years.
From 1.0 to 2.0. Now it is v3.0
The official site released v3.0.83.
I like this new release, which has some new features I love.
It remove the flash support.
Previous version has a flash file, which used to select code and copy the code. Now it remove the flash. Double click on the code can let user select code. Then user can use Ctrl+C to copy code.
Double click to select the content is very common practice. Remove flash is also a good choice.
Autoloader save a lot of download bytes.

SyntaxHighlighter comes with almost 30 brushes out of the box. One of the most requested feature has been the ability to dynamically load them without having to load them all on the same page.

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Install Facebook Like plugin for Movable Type

Add Facebook like button in my Blog. The installation is easy and fast, just 5 minutes. Republishing took me about 17 minutes.

This plugin adds MT tags to display Facebook Like button.
The Like button lets a user share your content with friends on Facebook.
When the user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user’s friends’ News Feed with a link back to your website.

The installation steps as below:
1. Unpack the FacebookLike package.
2. Copy the contents of FacebookLike/plugins into /path/to/mt/plugins/
3. Select “Tools > Plugins” menu in your blog.
4. Configure the plugin’s settings
5. Insert <$MTOpenGraphMeta$> in your HTML header () section.
6. Insert <$MTFaceBookLike$> in the section
where you wish to display the “Like” button.

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Why thumbnail png file is bigger after original png

I use png format picture file sometimes. It is OK when I upload the file into MovableType platform. I choose make thumbnail to 400px width from about 700px.
Perl ImageMagick engine will create thumbnail file. The blog software will generate html code and put into editor body.
Everything looks find. But the file size of thumbnail png is bigger than original png file.
Original png file: 700X505 49KB
Thumbnail png file: 400X288 78KB
Why is it bigger?

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Install the Perl Image::Magick on Centos

I have an VPS at I pick up Centos 5.5 installation. To make MovableType work on it, I have to install Perl module Image::Magick. The image thumbnail feature will be disabled if no Image::Magick installed.

Every time I do it, I always have the problem to install it. Now I recorded here for reference.

Here is the official guide for installation of ImageMagick. I follow the instruction, but it is still not working.

So I use the way suggested on above link.
The handy notes provided by John Walker. The rest of this post are based on this notes mostly.

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Solution of Dreamhost memory limitation

The previous post I wrote explain why 500 internal error happen when MovableType publishing.
At the last, I promise that I will tell you how to solve this problem without upgrading your sharing host to VPS.
KEY point: The 120MB memory limit is per user.
If you know that, the answer is simple.
In one Dreamhost account, you can create many, many users. So
Create a new user for Movabletype powered blog.

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PostTwiOAuth upgrade to v0.30

It is so fast. macminiosx announce v0.30 of PostTwiOAuth plugin of MovableType is released.
It is better than the old v0.21. More features, acutally I did not use them. Say Google Analytics, etc.
Here if you installed v0.21 before, you have to remove the whole folder and ftp v0.30 files under plugins folder.
Still need to change retweetmaker.cgi to 755.
Not just replace the old one, you still need to re-setup the token of it.
Here is the link, you can download zip file or gz file there.
Good luck.

PostTwiOAuth upgrade to v0.21

I have installed PostTwiOAuth v0.11 almost one month ago.
Now, I saw the v0.21 released. So I upgrade my installation.
It is a plugin use Twitter OAuth to send notification to your Twitter timeline. The first Auth, or Basic Auth of Twitter will be retired soon. And also OAuth is safer.
Let me show you how to install it.
0) MovableType 5.0
1) Download the plugin from the official site here.
2) Decompress the zip file and upload the whole folder PostTwiOauth to the mt\plugins\
3) Login your MT backend
Tools > Plugins >
Click PostTwiOAuth 0.21, Register an application
Filling following information on Twitter application form
Application Name:
Application Website:
 URL of the site to download this program
Application Type :
Callback URL:
Use the callback URL provided
Default Access type:
 Read & Write
Use Twitter for login:
After submit, you get Consumer key and Consumer Secret strings.
Enter them into settings of MT, and click Save Changes.
4) Click Settings again, click Go to Twitter
/mt5cgi/plugins/PostTwiOauth/oauth.cgi/1 to get Access Token and Access Secret.
Enter them into settings of MT.

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