Category: Notes of MovableType

Upgrade to Movabletype 5.04

Read the following messages from SixApart. Movable Type 5.04 and Movable Type 4.35 were released today. These are mandatory security updates for all users. These updates resolve multiple vulnerabilities discovered in Movable Type 5.x and Movable Type 4.x. Impact A remote attacker could execute arbitrary code in a logged-in users’ web browser. A remote attacker

PostTwiOAuth 0.40 released

PostTwiOAuth 0.40 released just 9 days after 0.30 release. The author added two more new settings. 1) Enabel Twitter Client 2) Use Twitter @Anywhere I do not know which purpose for these two. And not sure how to use them. If you know the details, please comment below.

PostTwiOAuth upgrade to v0.30

It is so fast. macminiosx announce v0.30 of PostTwiOAuth plugin of MovableType is released. It is better than the old v0.21. More features, acutally I did not use them. Say Google Analytics, etc. Here if you installed v0.21 before, you have to remove the whole folder and ftp v0.30 files under plugins folder. Still need

PostTwiOAuth upgrade to v0.21

I have installed PostTwiOAuth v0.11 almost one month ago. Now, I saw the v0.21 released. So I upgrade my installation. It is a plugin use Twitter OAuth to send notification to your Twitter timeline. The first Auth, or Basic Auth of Twitter will be retired soon. And also OAuth is safer. Let me show you