When I am in San Francisco, I went to Central Computer many times. It is just located the way I walk home. One day, I bought a Kingston DTX 64GB Data Traveller Exodia USB disk.

I can remember the exact price. Maybe $6.

DataTraveler 64gb in the package

It said 64GB and USB 3.2. USB 3.2 has a very wide range of speeds. USB 3.2 Gen 1 is 4.8Gb/s theoretical speed or 3.2Gb/s real-world speed.  vi

DataTraveler 64gb back of the pack
I checked the warranty on the kingston.com/wa

It said Five-Year Warranty for USB DataTraveler drivers. Still OK for this kind of product. DataTraveler USB driver is assembled in Taiwan. I am not sure about the term “Assembled”. Does it mean “Made in Taiwan”?

DataTraveler 64gb

I did a few tests. Some are from the onboard USB ports which are on the back of the computer. Some are from the front USB port, which is connected to the Motherboard through wires.

Test result on the front USB port. about 13MB/sec write and 38.40MB/sec read speed.

The speed associated with the back USB port. About 19.79 MB/sec write and 104.65 MB/sec read speed.

Compare this with the USB disks I have. It is not the best one, but when I look at the price, it is a good deal for sure.

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