To replace my broken hard drive, I did a lot of research. From Seagate to Western Digital, from 1TB to 3TB, from WD blue to WD green.

At the last, I choose WD10EZEX again. Off course, price, stock, how fast to get it are also very important. I bought the new 1TB WD10EZEX at It is $67.99 plus tax, total $76.15. It is a OEM product. Simply plastic bag pack, no box. I made the order before noon. I picked up it afternoon at Ncix Burnaby store.


Compare it with my old hard disk. It is made in Thailand. The date of made is 2015 July 19. Let me use software to check it.


Later, I run CrystalDiskMark tool to check the performance.


It is kind of slower than my previous one. I use it for data storage. My system disk is SSD.

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