R-Drive III external hard disk adapter

I bought a adapter or converter which can convert an IDE hard disk or SATA disk to a USB external drive. If I need to test a HD, just connect it on R-Drive, and plug the usb to computer. The computer will recognize the HD as a external disk.

1. Connect laptop 2.5″ harddisk (IDE/SATA) to any computer via USB without power adaptor
2. Connect desktop 3.5″ harddisk (IDE/SATA) to any computer via USB with power adaptor
3. Connect CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM/DVD-RW (IDE/SATA) to any computer with power adaptor.

I tested it with my 3.5″ 40GB Maxtor hard disk. It works on my Windows XP and O!play media player.

It is $20 plus tax.