Upgrade Calibre from 0.9.22 to 0.9.24. Let me see how many bugs fixed and features added.
New Features – 0.9.24

  • ToC Editor: Allow auto-generation of Table of Contents entries from headings and/or links in the book
  • EPUB/MOBI Catalogs: Allow saving used settings as presets which can be loaded easily later.
  • Indicate which columns are custom columns when selecting columns in the Preferences
  • News download: Add an option recipe authors can set to have calibre automatically reduce the size of downloaded images by lowering their quality

New Features – 0.9.23

  • New tool: “Edit ToC” that allows you to edit or create a Table of Contents easily in EPUB or AZW3 ebooks.

    Using the Edit ToC tool, you can easily re-arrange the entries in an existing Table of Contents, change their text and even change the location they point to by simply clicking the new location in the book. To use this tool, go to Preferences->Toolbar and add the Edit ToC tool to the main toolbar. Then simply select the books you want to be polished and click the Edit ToC button. This tool is based on a new codebase, so there may be bugs.

  • Content server: Enable use of plugboards for mobi and azw3 formats
  • Windows driver for Tolino Shine
  • When copying books to another library, show the name of the destination library in the copy dialog
  • Allow running plugins from the command line with calibre-debug easily

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