Calibre has new release 0.9.17 just few days ago.

New Features

  • Allow adding user specified icons to the main book list for books whose metadata matches specific criteria. Go to Preferences->Look & Feel->Column icons to setup these icons. They work in the same way as the column coloring rules.
  • Allow choosing which page of a PDF to use as the cover.
  • Add option to turn off reflections in the cover browser (Preferences->Look & Feel->Cover Browser)
  • PDF Output: Add an option to add page numbers to the bottom of every page in the generated PDF file (look in the PDF Output section of the conversion dialog)
  • Add the full item name to the tool tip of a leaf item displayed in the tag browser.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix out-of-bounds data causing errors in the Tag Browser
  • Conversion: Handle input documents that use multiple prefixes referring to the XHTML namespace correctly.
  • PDF Output: Fix regression that caused some svg images to be rendered as black rectangles.
  • Metadata download: Only normalize title case if the result has no language set or its language is English

New news sources

  • Dob NeviNosti by Darko Miletic
  • La Nacion (CR) by Douglas Delgado
  • Improved news sources
  • Baltimore Sun
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Victoria Times
  • South China Morning Post
  • Volksrant
  • Seattle Times

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