On Calibre 0.9.16, New Features added as below:

  • News download: Add support for logging in to sites that require javascript for their logins.
  • News download: Do not convert all downloaded images to JPG format. This fixes the problem of PNG images with transparent backgrounds being rendered with black backgrounds
  • CHM Input: Support hierarchical table of contents. Do not generate an inline table of contents when a metadata table of contents is present. Also correctly decode the text in the table of contents
  • Get Books: Add the beam-ebooks.de store
  • Make custom yes/no columns using icons put text values under the icons.
  • Driver for LG E400 and SayCoolA710
  • Speed up device connection when there are lots of books on the device by not generating cover thumbnails unless they are actually needed.
  • Have the metadata download dialog remember its last used size.

And also some bug fixes.

I am using 64bit Calibre program. It is not limited to using only 3GB memory when converting large documents.

David Yin

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