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Notes of upgrade WordPress from 2.13 to 2.5.1

I have a WordPress blog running on the old version, v2.13.
There are some updates between them.
I upgraded it last week. It is not difficult to upgrade WordPress 2.5.1, but following steps should taken to avoid crash.
1) Backup data: backup database and export everything from WP.
2) De-active all plugins.
I have following plugins.
Akismet, ExtendedLive Archive, Get Recent Comments, Google Site Maps, Sideblog, Simple Tag, and wordpress stats.
3) Backup all physical files.
I SSH the hosting server and tar all files.

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WordPress 2.5 release

It is a big news in WordPress user group. WordPress 2.5 released.
To upgrade you previous version, you have to follow the upgrade guide here.
If you are same as me, have a WordPress installation on Dreamhost, it will be very easy to upgarde. Just One-Click.
Let me go through the some new features in WordPress 2.5.
User Features

  • Cleaner, faster, less cluttered dashboard
  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Multi-file upload with progress bar
  • Bonus: EXIF extraction
  • Search posts and pages
  • Tag management
  • Password strength meter
  • Concurrent editing protection
  • Few-click plugin upgrades
  • Friendlier visual post editor
  • Built-in galleries

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Easy WordPress One-Click! on Dreamhost

Dreamhost’s Newsletter mentioned that the One-Click feature is improved.
WordPress One-Click is easier.
I do not try the brand new easy install. I just use it upgrade feature.
It is very fast and easy. Just click the Upgrade to 2.3.3. The plugins are still OK.
No other operation needed.
Use Saving code G2SAVING when sign up Dreamhost, you can save $50 and get 1 extra FREE lifetime domain registration.

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WordPress and Simple Tags

I have an installation of WordPress for one of my Blog. It is running over one year.
For WordPress, I have something to record related to the tag, the most important feature of Web2.0 or Blog.
As every WP fans know, WordPress is V2.3.1 now. It is free for download, and Open Sourced.
The embedded tag system of WP 2.3.1 is still not good enough. So I try to find a better one, not the best one.
Simple Tags is popped up into my eye. The latest version is 1.2, works on WordPress 2.3.x. That means it is WordPress 2.3.x native plugin.
To install it is very simply, I don’t want to repeat the readme file of the download package. You can find it.
To use it, is also very easy.
I’d like to list some feature I do like.
1) Suggested tags
2) Mass Edit Tags
3) Related posts
4) Tag cloud
5) Post without tags
At the end of this post, the site I mentioned in the beginning is Self-Study Resource.

Upgrade WordPress 2.2.1 on Dreamhost without One-Click installs

Now I want to upgrade Dreamer’s blog to WordPress 2.2.1 from 2.2.0.
This blog is hosted on Dreamhost.
I’d like to keep the record of upgrade.
1) Backup your database.
Dreamhost backup the MySQL database every day. So if you have no post in the past 24 hours, you don’t need to do a manual backup through PHPmyAdmin.
2) Backup ALL your WordPress files in your WordPress directory.
Just ssh to the server, and run the command to backup all files.

tar -cvzf dreamer-2.2.0

3) Deactivate ALL your Plugins.
I sign in as administrator, and deactivate all plugins.
4) Download and extract the WordPress package from
Download the 2.2.1 package, I downloaded zip file and uncompressed it.
5) Upload all filles to the Server
6) Run upgrade.
There is no database update needed.
7) Activate the Plugins I used before.

WordPress 2.2.1 is out

It is a bug fix release for the 2.2 series. Just released this morning.
There is a long list of bugs fixed.
Some highlights are shown below:
# Atom feed validation fixes
# XML-RPC fixes
# Widget backward compatibility fixes
# Widget layout fixes for IE7
# Page and Text Widget improvements
And WordPress 2.2.1 is not just a bug fix release. It improve the security protect with following items.
* Remote shell injection in PHPMailer
* Remote SQL injection in XML-RPC Discovered by Alexander Concha.
* Unescaped attribute in default theme
The Upgrade steps are same as before. And I may make another post about it.

Movable Type 4 : the Next version

Sixapart is developing the next MT, MovableType 4.
Compared with WordPress, another famous Blog platform, MT goes behind.
Now it try to go ahead. It put some new features:
* A completely reinvented user interface with a dashboard overview of how all of your blogs are doing
* Support for publishing standalone pages and managing file assets and images right within MT
* Brand-new community features like OpenID, and a built-in user registration system
* A completely redesigned component architecture that makes MT faster and more scalable than ever before
* And it’s going to be available in a completely open source version with its home at a completely relaunched community site that revives an old, beloved URL:
The bold text above is what I think I am waiting for.

Standalone Page
Media file or uploaded file management
OpenID integrated
Open Source

That’s why I like it and keep to use it from my first Blog post.

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