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Upgrade Calibre v 1.9.0

New Features of Calibre v1.9.0

  • Drivers for the new Nook Glowlight, Lenovo IdeaPad and Kindle Fire HDX (linux)
  • Add an option to check for duplicates (books with the same title/author) when copying between libraries. Option is under Preferences->Adding books.
  • Content server: Display book title on details page. Also put the most important fields (authors/series/tags) at the top.
  • When developing recipes using the command line, allow specifying the number of feeds and articles when using the –test parameter.
  • PDF Output: Option to control title of generated Table of Contents
  • PDF metadata: If one of the keywords in the PDF is a valid ISBN, use it as the ISBN for the book

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Upgrade to WordPress 3.7

It is time to upgrade to latest WordPress 3.7.

New features here:

  • Background Updates
    • Automatic updates for maintenance and security updates.
    • Daily updates for developers using nightly builds.
  • Stronger Password Meter
    • New password meter to encourage users to choose stronger passwords.
  • Improved Search
    • More relevant search results.
  • Better Global Support
    • Localized versions will receive faster and more complete translations.
    • Background updates will include translations


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HDMI 2.0

HDMI organization just posted HDMI FORUM RELEASES VERSION 2.0 OF THE HDMI SPECIFICATION. It is a new standard. Previous is HDMI 1.4

I wrote one post before about HDMI 1.3 vs HDMI 1.4

So, what about HDMI2.0. What’s new?
HDMI 2.0 vs HDMI1.4

  • Max Clock Rate: 600Mhz vs 340Mhz
  • Maximum TMDS throughput per channel (Gbit/s) including 8b/10b overhead: 6 vs 3.4
  • Maximum total TMDS throughput (Gbit/s) including 8b/10b overhead: 18 vs 10.2
  • Maximum throughput (Gbit/s) with 8b/10b overhead removed:14.4 vs 8.16
  • Maximum color depth (bit/px): 48 vs 48
  • Maximum consumer resolution over single link at 24-bit/px:  3840×2160p60 vs 3840×2160p30

HDMI 2.0 has following five new features:

  1. 4K resolution support at 60 fps
  2. Support for up to 32 channel audio
  3. Support for up to 1536 kHz audio
  4. Support for up to 4 audio streams
  5. Support for 21:9 aspect ratio

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Another update of Webmin, it is version 1.650 now

A few days ago, I upgrade the Webmin to 1.640 at my VPS. Now I saw another updates on the Webmin control panel.

Version 1.650 (17th August 2013)

  • Fixed bugs in the Apache and Software packages module.
  • Added the ability to change the execution time of Webmin scheduled functions.

It is kind of important to keep the Webmin installation update.
I run it on my, Linode, and Digital Ocean VPSs.

Calibre upgraded to 0.9.42 from 0.9.40

New Features of 0.9.42

  • When downloading metadata from Amazon, convert the amazon categories into tags. You can turn this off by going to Preferences->Metadata download and configuring the Amazon source.
  • Kobo driver: Add an option to modify the styling in books being sent to the device, based on a template on the device.
  • Get Books: Add support for two more Polish ebook stores: and ebooki.allegro.plcalibredb: Add a new clone command to create clones of libraries with the same custom columns, virtual libraries, etc. as the current library.

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Calibre upgraded to 0.9.40 from 0.9.36

Here are the new features of the following release.

New Features of 0.9.40

  • EPUB Output: Add an option to insert an inline Table of Contents into the main text.
  • Driver for LG Android phone
  • When matching books in the library against the device manually, pre-fill the search field with the book title

New Features of 0.9.39

  • Bulk metadata edit: Add a checkbox to prevent the refreshing of the book list after the bulk edit. This means that the book list will not be resorted and any existing search/virtual library will not be refreshed. Useful if you have a large library as the refresh can be slow.
  • Allow manually marking a book in the calibre library as being on the device. To do so click the device icon in calibre, then right click on the book you want marked and choose ‘Match book to library’. Once you are done marking all the books, right click the device icon and choose ‘Update cached metadata’
  • Driver for Coby Kyros MID1126
  • When adding formats to an existing book, by right clicking the add books button, ask for confirmation if some formats will be overwritten.
  • Add a tweak to restrict the list of output formats available in the conversion dialog. Go to Preferences->Tweaks to change it.

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Upgrade Calibre to 0.9.31

I do like Calibre. It is must-have for any one who has a Kindle Touch.  I use Calibre almost every week to sychonize my books between PC and Kindle Touch. It is great to convert the format of books and keep all books in order.

New features of 0.9.31

  • Book list: Highlight the current cell in the book list, particularly convenient for usage with the keyboard.
  • Allow creation of advanced rules for column icons.
  • Driver for the limited edition SONY PRS-T2N
  • MOBI Input: Add support for MOBI/KF8 files generated with the to be released kindlegen 2.9.

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selfoss release 2.4 – replacement of Google Reader

Everyone knew Google Reader is going to retire on July 1, 2013. So I make a decision that I will not use other RSS reader service. I would like to have my personal Feed Aggregator site.

Selfoss is an OpenSource replacement of Google Reader. Look at the following features.

  • web based rss reader
  • universal aggregator
  • open source and free
  • easy extendable with an open plugin system (write your own data connectors)
  • mobile support (Android, iOS, iPad)
  • use selfoss to live stream and collect all your posts, tweets, feeds in one place
  • lightweight PHP application with less than 2 MB
  • supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and Sqlite Databases
  • OPML Import
  • easy installation: upload and run

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