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selfoss release 2.4 – replacement of Google Reader

Everyone knew Google Reader is going to retire on July 1, 2013. So I make a decision that I will not use other RSS reader service. I would like to have my personal Feed Aggregator site.

Selfoss is an OpenSource replacement of Google Reader. Look at the following features.

  • web based rss reader
  • universal aggregator
  • open source and free
  • easy extendable with an open plugin system (write your own data connectors)
  • mobile support (Android, iOS, iPad)
  • use selfoss to live stream and collect all your posts, tweets, feeds in one place
  • lightweight PHP application with less than 2 MB
  • supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and Sqlite Databases
  • OPML Import
  • easy installation: upload and run

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Update Kobo Mini firmware

The old firmware on this Kobo Mini is 2.1.5. Today I did an update, it is 2.4.0 now.
Here is the guide to make update.
1) Make sure you’re within range of an available Wi Fi network, and that your eReader’s battery is fully charged. You must stay within range of this network while your eReader updates.
2) From the Home page, tap the Menu icon.
3) Tap the Sync button.
4) Your eReader will connect to the network and will inform you of an available software update.


5) You will be asked to agree to the update.
6) When finished the update, the eReader will inform you and restart. Once it is powered up, you will see the list of What’s New.
Here is the release notes I received.

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Calibre released 0.9.19

Calibre has released new version 0.9.19. I did not update 0.9.18. So just install 0.9.19 to update old 0.9.17.

New Features of 0.9.19

  • New tool: “Polish books” that allows you to perform various automated cleanup actions on EPUB and AZW3 files without doing a full conversion.
  • Driver for the Trekstor Pyrus Mini.
  • E-book viewer: Add an option to change the minimum font size.
  • PDF Output: Add support for converting documents with math typesetting, as described here:
  • Column coloring/icons: Add more conditions when using date based columns with reference to ‘today’.

New Features of 0.9.18

  • New metadata source: Edelweiss, a catalog of books that is updated directly by publishers. To enable it, go to Preferences->Metadata download and enable the Edelweiss plugin.
  • Add an option to add extra spacing between rows in the book list. (Preferences->Look & Feel)
  • Column coloring/icons: Add a ‘days ago’ condition, useable with columns that store dates to set colors/icons based on the number of days before today
  • E-book viewer: Add shortcuts Ctrl+= and Ctrl+- to increase/decrease text size.
  • When showing possible duplicates after adding books, also show the file formats.
  • Driver for Trekstor Ventos Tablet

Windows Updates 2013-02

Microsoft monthly Security updates of Feb. 2013 released today.
There are five critical updates

  • Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (2792100)
  • Vulnerability in Vector Markup Language Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2797052)
  • Vulnerability in Media Decompression Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2780091)
  • Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2809279)
  • Vulnerability in OLE Automation Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2802968)


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Calibre released 0.9.17

Calibre has new release 0.9.17 just few days ago.

New Features

  • Allow adding user specified icons to the main book list for books whose metadata matches specific criteria. Go to Preferences->Look & Feel->Column icons to setup these icons. They work in the same way as the column coloring rules.
  • Allow choosing which page of a PDF to use as the cover.
  • Add option to turn off reflections in the cover browser (Preferences->Look & Feel->Cover Browser)
  • PDF Output: Add an option to add page numbers to the bottom of every page in the generated PDF file (look in the PDF Output section of the conversion dialog)
  • Add the full item name to the tool tip of a leaf item displayed in the tag browser.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix out-of-bounds data causing errors in the Tag Browser
  • Conversion: Handle input documents that use multiple prefixes referring to the XHTML namespace correctly.
  • PDF Output: Fix regression that caused some svg images to be rendered as black rectangles.
  • Metadata download: Only normalize title case if the result has no language set or its language is English

New news sources

  • Dob NeviNosti by Darko Miletic
  • La Nacion (CR) by Douglas Delgado
  • Improved news sources
  • Baltimore Sun
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Victoria Times
  • South China Morning Post
  • Volksrant
  • Seattle Times

Calibre released 0.9.16

On Calibre 0.9.16, New Features added as below:

  • News download: Add support for logging in to sites that require javascript for their logins.
  • News download: Do not convert all downloaded images to JPG format. This fixes the problem of PNG images with transparent backgrounds being rendered with black backgrounds
  • CHM Input: Support hierarchical table of contents. Do not generate an inline table of contents when a metadata table of contents is present. Also correctly decode the text in the table of contents
  • Get Books: Add the store
  • Make custom yes/no columns using icons put text values under the icons.
  • Driver for LG E400 and SayCoolA710
  • Speed up device connection when there are lots of books on the device by not generating cover thumbnails unless they are actually needed.
  • Have the metadata download dialog remember its last used size.

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Calibre released 0.9.15

It has new features.

  • Linux MTP driver: Detect devices that have MTP interfaces even if their USB ids are not known
  • Content server: Allow picking a random book by clicking the ‘Random book’ link on the start page. You can also refresh the random book page to get a new random book
  • E-book viewer: Add an option to hide the toolbars in the viewer window (Preferences->Miscellaneous->Show controls in the viewr preferences). You can unhide them by right clicking in the viewer window.
  • Kobo driver: Speedup initial connect by avoiding unnecessary update of series metadata in some situations.
  • Get Books: Allow the store plugins to be dynamically loaded so that future website changes of a store dont require a calibre update to fix Get Books.
  • Wireless driver: Always replace file when resending a previously sent book to the device, even if the title/author have changed.
  • Add PocketBook Pro 912 driver.
  • When creating/exporting epub and mobi files, add the calibre book identifier as a special field in the book’s metadata. This allows third party tools to identify the book record in calibre to which the file belongs.
  • Wireless driver: Add support for using the book uuid as the filename
  • Remove the experimental tag from the subset fonts feature, since there has been only one reported problem (now fixed) with it in the two months since it was released

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Firefox 17.0 released

Again, Mozilla released the new Firefox 17.0 today. Last time it announced 16.0.2 on Oct 26, 2012. In less than one month, it has new version, big change.

Here is the What is New.

  • First revision of the Social API and support for Facebook Messenger
  • Click-to-play blocklisting implemented to prevent vulnerable plugin versions from running without the user’s permission

There are more information of its releasenotes.

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