I always thinking about to have a home-brewed VOIP server. Such as this one, Build a Skype Server for Your Home Phone System, it is a skype server, not exactly what I want, but still good. Through this Skype server, you can have a small phone system in your home.Continue Reading

I use Voipstunt over 9 months. Always feel good for its service. One issue makeing me not happy is it changed country list of free call without email the notice to user. Ok. I check the call history. Phone calls to China are charged 0.7 cent per minute. USA isContinue Reading

I have a SPA-2002 device for 8 months. I also use VOIPSTUNT as my Voip serivec provider. The Firmware with device is 3.1.2(a). Nothing wrong. I went to SIPURA website, and saw the new firmware there. So, I upgrade it to new version. Let me show you how to doContinue Reading

Voipstunt put some fineprint in the bottom of their homepage. It is even under the copyright description. They set a limit of free calls. 300 minutes per week. It means 42 minutes per day. Not much. I still remember there was no limit for it when I signup. I don’tContinue Reading

Now send a text-message (SMS) is also very easy through the backgroud of Voipstunt It will charge you 5Ct per message. The speed is very fast. I clicked the send button and received the message at my cellphone in 10 seconds. To use this feature, you have to signin yourContinue Reading

D-Link 1402s is not a router only. It is a four ports router and 2 ports VOIP adapter. The price is dropped down from about $90 to $59.95 on sipphone. Some sites still tag it at $88.95. Please be noted the D-Link 1402s is not a locked equipment. It isContinue Reading

Skype announced that “Calling people on Skype is totally free. It’s also free to call landlines and mobiles within the US and Canada until the end of the year.” So now, we can use skype to call anyone’s mobile or landline in the USA and Canada. In the Terms ofContinue Reading