Skype announced that “Calling people on Skype is totally free. It’s also free to call landlines and mobiles within the US and Canada until the end of the year.”
So now, we can use skype to call anyone’s mobile or landline in the USA and Canada.
In the Terms of Service of Skype, it said:

Free Calls in the US and Canada: Until December 31st 2006, Skype is offering free SkypeOut calls from the US and Canada to US and Canadian mobile and landline telephone numbers. In return for offering this, Skype asks that You use the product sensibly and don’t abuse the free offer. Skype reminds You that it does not allow You to resell SkypeOut and that if Skype does see systematic or intentional misuse, it reserves the right to terminate your access to your Account immediately in accordance with clause 12.3 below.

I used skype for a long time, and the voice quality is always good, except you use the dial-up.

This is a good news for Chinese or foreign people who have relatives in the USA or Canada. They can call then free. In the Skype softphone, just dial 1(means USA or Canada), plus the phone number and press the green call button.
Compare with some company’s cheapest rate about 2 cents or 2.5 cents per minutes, Skype is free. They are all beated in this area.
Be carefully, this free service is ended in the end of this year. Hurry up to use it.

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