Do Not Call List

A lot of people receive the marketing phone call at dinner time. It is un-welcome.
So they apply for the Do Not Call service.
Do Not Call registers are lists of people who do not wish to receive telephone calls from telemarketing organizations. They have been set up under government acts which provide for breaching penalties and are administered and maintained by government bodies.
From Sep. 30, 2008, Canada has this service too.
Let’s go through the countries with Do Not Call List services.
Canada: National Do Not Call List (DNCL)
USA: National Do Not Call Registry
Australian: Do Not Call Register
UK: Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
New Zealand: Name Removal Service

If you live in United Stats, Canada, Australian, United Kingdom, or New Zealand, and you do not want to receive the tel-marketing call, just go the above country site to register your name and phone number. Regularly after 30 days, your phone number will be on the Do Not Call list.
If you receive these call again, you can file a complain to them.

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  1. Just got aNOTHER of those calls… problem is, it’s an international number, so the “Do Not Call” list doesn’t help… In future, I’m just Not Answering…

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