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OBi110 Voice Service Bridge and VoIP Telephone Adapter

It is a great product, I ordered OBi110 from Amazon.
The most great part is:
OBi110 can work with Google Voice.
The product is provided by Obihai.
To Setup it work with Google Voice, go to OBiTALK.
After setup, I can use this phone to call US or Canada phone for free.

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Shaw and Telus service comparation v.2010

Here, in Vancouver, most of the people use Shaw or Telus for their TV, Internet and Telephone.
Actually, Shaw is a Cable TV company. Telus is a telephone company. Now they provide the service crossover.
I do my third compare during last 6 years. I did it every two year.
The information based on the location of Burnaby, British Columbia.
The price or cost does not include device purchase, or some special promotion for new customer.

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Shaw Cable Bundles price and features

I use Shaw Cable’s services for TV and Internet.
They still have some other service I do not use, say telephone.
Let us go through the full bundle of three.
TV Basic Cable $33.95
35 Channels, including The Knowledge Network, A-Channel, CITY TV Vancouver, KIRO – CBS Seattle, KING – NBC Seattle, TSC, W Network West, KOMO – ABC Seattle, KCTS – PBS Seattle, KCPQ – FOX Seattle, MTV, CBC Newsworld

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Do Not Call List

A lot of people receive the marketing phone call at dinner time. It is un-welcome.
So they apply for the Do Not Call service.
Do Not Call registers are lists of people who do not wish to receive telephone calls from telemarketing organizations. They have been set up under government acts which provide for breaching penalties and are administered and maintained by government bodies.
From Sep. 30, 2008, Canada has this service too.
Let’s go through the countries with Do Not Call List services.
Canada: National Do Not Call List (DNCL)
USA: National Do Not Call Registry
Australian: Do Not Call Register
UK: Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
New Zealand: Name Removal Service

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