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D-Link 1402S

D-Link 1402s is not a router only. It is a four ports router and 2 ports VOIP adapter. The price is dropped down from about $90 to $59.95 on sipphone. Some sites still tag it at $88.95. Please be noted the D-Link 1402s is not a locked equipment. It is open. You can use it

Free call to USA and Canada

Skype announced that “Calling people on Skype is totally free. It’s also free to call landlines and mobiles within the US and Canada until the end of the year.” So now, we can use skype to call anyone’s mobile or landline in the USA and Canada. In the Terms of Service of Skype, it said:

Switch to VOIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has become mainstream. The question today is not whether we should move forward. It is how are we doing to do this. Some companies have small offices around Canada and the US, and as far away as China and Russia. VoIP lets them connect to the headquarters easily and cheaply.

VOIP war

When only small companies play the VOIP game, it is still very quiet in the telephone world. Let’s predict in this scene. The big one, like Bell, or Telus join in this war, the whole environment is changing. From the users’ side, they can subscribe service from the regular PSTN phone company online, and get

Argue between Shaw and VOIP SP

There are some conflict between Shaw Communications Inc. (I called it Shaw Cable) and VOIP service provider, like Vonage. Today, I have noticed this article Vonage says Shaw breaching net neutrality at ITWorldCanada As I mentioned before, the $10 services fee, which Shaw Cable charged for the VoIP phone QoS to make it faster, will

Shaw Hight-Speed Internet Service

I mentiioned the VOIP enhancement. Now this feature can be found in Shaw’s site. It is used to improve the VOIP quality. Shaw’s Digital Phone does not use this QoS enhancement service. Its digital phone uses its own network and own QoS service.

VOIP providers

I list following VOIP service providers, which I put into my research pool. And also following service providers:

VOIP enhancement

Shaw Cable provide digital phone service in Vancouver city in 2006. I got the information that they offer a new service to enhance your IP phone quality. This service is not shown publicly, even in their site. It can distinguish between data package and VOIP package. Then shaw give the VOIP package higher transfer priority.