This is a converter to convert your PSTN phone line to your VOIP phone. It is a feature product to call forward tool between your VOIP number and your local phone number or cell phone number.

Compatible with Cisco, Grandstream and Sipura VoIP adaptors only.
For a detailed overview of the capabilities of the SIPCPE FX200, please visit
Update: the site is given up. 2009.08.03
Now you can use your VOIP service to make and receive telephone calls even when you’re out of the office, with SIP CPE Sources’ FX-200 VoIP Port Converter.
The majority of the 1 and 2 port gateways and analog terminal adapters on the market are not configured with an FXO or Line port. With the FX200, you can use “Transit In” and “Transit Out” functions with your gateway or analog terminal adaptor in conjunction with your VOIP service.

Want to place a VOIP call while traveling or away from your office? With the FX200, simply call the number of a telephone line connected to the FX-200 from an outside line or cell phone. Callers to a telephone line connected to the FX-200 receive dial tone from the VoIP adaptor, and are able to make a call seamlessly, as though connected directly to the adapter with a normal handset.
Additionally, you can program the FX-200 to dial a VOIP number automatically whenever you call a local PSTN number.
Now your Vonage, ICH, FWD, Sipphone or other VOIP callers can reach you when you are out of the home or office. Using an existing telephone line in your home or office, the FX-200 can be quickly, easily and even remotely configured to auto call forward or “transfer” your VOIP calls from your VoIP adaptor to any local telephone number even to your cell phone. VOIP callers will receive local dial tone after a set number of rings. With the FX-200’s Transit Out feature with Auto Call Forwarding, missed VOIP calls are a thing of the past.
Please Note The 5v FX-200 is not compatible with Packet8 DTA 310 or the Motorola ATA.

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  1. I can not find a FX-200 or FX-300
    Has gone out of business ??
    They website looks like a cybersquater has taken it over ??

  2. have you came across FX-300CID, it suppose to be a better version, but i have yet to find a site to purchase it.

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