When only small companies play the VOIP game, it is still very quiet in the telephone world.
Let’s predict in this scene. The big one, like Bell, or Telus join in this war, the whole environment is changing.
From the users’ side, they can subscribe service from the regular PSTN phone company online, and get the VOIP service without install any ATA equipment. They use their current phone set and current telephone line. Nothing changed in the client’s house.
Because the big one owns the physical telephone line from the switch center to the clients’ house, and all phone cable on the street. They can put the ATA into their center office. The users will not fell any changes except the price droping down and getting more features.
The phone number shall be same. Not like with the current small VOIP provider, the new user have to wait about four weeks to get the phone number back. It involves two companies.

This change from PSTN phone to VOIP phone will be very smooth, if the big phone company start to change their mind to provide VOIP service.
It is a bad news for the small VOIP provider. They will face to the so big competitors.
Reference: Hassle-Free VoIP

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