Category: DreamHost Log

Some OneClick upgrade

Dreamhost announced A Fistful Of One-Click Upgrades The following software can be upgraded through OneClick facility. * ZenCart 1.3.8 * Pligg 9.9.0 * Moodle 1.9 * Joomla 1.5.1 * MediaWiki 1.12.0 Dreamhost also said, WordPress 2.5 is testing and will be available later.

Zenphoto One-Click!

From now, Dreamhost start to provide ZenPhoto in its easy One-Click! installation. Based on the official letter from dreamhost, zenphoto is more better than Gallary. I may try it later this week. See how good it is. I also know it has a wordpress plugin. That means it can be integrated with wordpress.

What is MM_CASETEST4291

I am noticed that one strange folder name on my hosting. MM_CASETEST4291 It is an empty folder. After some search, I found it is a temporary folder which is used to test server connection and writing permission. MM_CASETEST4291 is created by Dreamweaver. It is designed to create a folder, then delete it. So I remove