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Upgrade Joomla! 1.5.0 to 1.5.2 on DreamHost

Dreamhost has a One-Click installation facility including Joomla!.
It has Joomla! 1.5.1 upgrading already.
But the 1.5.2 released last week.
The problem I met is the One-Click upgrade does not work. I tried many times on different domain/site.
Yesterday, I manually upgraded it.
It is very easy and simple.
Just download the upgrade pack and decompress it, upload it.
Download it.
I chose the

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One-Click install of Joomla! 1.5 on Dreamhost

Dreamhost has a one-click install function. It is easy to install a new program. Now I will go through the Joomla! 1.5 installation.
In the Web Panel of Dreamhost, choose googies > One-Click Install
Choose the Joomla! 1.5 and site/directory to be installed, and also give the name of database.
Later, I receive an email tell the steps of installation. I added some screenshot on it to make it vivid.
Now visit the site to finish your installation with these settings:
1 : Language
select ‘en-GB – English (United Kingdom)’ and click Next

2 : Pre-installation Check
click Next

3 : License
click Next

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Stop cron emails at Dreamhost

I have some site on the Dreamhost. To monitor the traffic and performance, I have Awstats on site and runing many cron jobs every day. I have the experience of how to install AwStats on the Ubuntu server.
The cron job is runing well on the Dreamhost server. The problem is I will receive tons of email about the job status.
Actually, I don’t need these emails. If the job is completed successfully, the Awstats report should be updated. I checked the report often. So the fail of job is not my concern.
To disable cron emails, just add one line code as shown below:
First SSH server.

$ crontab -e

add this line to the top of your cron file:


That’s simple. No more cron emails coming.

What is MM_CASETEST4291

I am noticed that one strange folder name on my hosting.
It is an empty folder.
After some search, I found it is a temporary folder which is used to test server connection and writing permission.
MM_CASETEST4291 is created by Dreamweaver. It is designed to create a folder, then delete it.
So I remove this folder by commend

rm -r MM_CASETEST4291

No hacking, no pain. Safe.
You can also doing some search by Google to see the indexed empty MM_CASETEST4291 folder. Follow the parent path, you can find some interesting thing.

Easy WordPress One-Click! on Dreamhost

Dreamhost’s Newsletter mentioned that the One-Click feature is improved.
WordPress One-Click is easier.
I do not try the brand new easy install. I just use it upgrade feature.
It is very fast and easy. Just click the Upgrade to 2.3.3. The plugins are still OK.
No other operation needed.
Use Saving code G2SAVING when sign up Dreamhost, you can save $50 and get 1 extra FREE lifetime domain registration.

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Upgrade my blog from Movable Type 4.01a to MovableType 4.1 on Dreamhost

I have tested the upgrade on the MT unofficial blog. It is smooth.
Now I recorded the detailed upgrade procedures of David Yin’s Blog.
1) Login the MovableType system, Backup all blogs of this system, by tab system > tools > backup
2) Use Export feature of the system, by tab system > tools > export
Export every individual blog.
3) SSH to the Dreamhost.
Use tar command to backup all related files.

tar czvf backup.tar.gz ~/

4) Go to control panel of Dreamhost, Goodies > Manage MySQL > phpMyAdmin
Export the whole database.
Now I have the full backups on different levels. I am safe even the following upgrade fails.
1) SSH to Dreamhost

cd ~/temp/<br />wget

2) Decompress the package

tar xvzf MTP-4.1-en.tar.gz

3) Copy the decompressed files into the mt cgi folder. I use mtcgi as the system folder.

cd ~/temp/MTP-4.1-en/<br />cp -r -f . ~/

4) Now launch Firefox.

Click “Begin Upgrade” to continue.

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Upgrade phpBB 2 to phpBB3 (part 1)

Now I will go through all steps to upgrade phpBB 2.0.22 to phpBB 3.
I use Dreamhost to host my phpBB forum. The forum I upgrade in this sample is
To upgarde a phpBB 2 forum to phpBB3, I have to install a brand new phpBB 3 forum first, then convert the old phpBB 2 forum to phpBB 3. After testing, then let the phpBB 3 forum replace the phpBB 2 forum.
This is the part 1, covering the brand new installation of phpBB 3 and backup the old phpBB 2.
1) Backup all phpBB 2 files and database.
SSH to the server.

tar cvzf forum.g2soft.tar.gz ./

Use phpMyAdmin to export database of this forum.
2) Create a new dadabase
Use phpMyAdmin to create it, named as phpbb3
3) Get the phpBB 3 package and decompress it.
SSH to the server.

cd phpBB3
cp -r -f . ~/

Here I use as a temporary domain for converting processing.
4) Start to install this new phpBB3
Enter in the Firefox. The introduction of phpBB3 is coming.

5) Click install tab, the installation compatibility testing page shown as below.

6) Click start install button.
Enter the database setting, which I created on step 2, into this page.

7) Click “process to next step”, it will test the MySql server settings.

8) Enter the Administrator information to create the Forum Administrator.

Then the test of Administrator setting will run. The result looks like below:

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