Upgrade WordPress 2.2.1 on Dreamhost without One-Click installs

Now I want to upgrade Dreamer’s blog to WordPress 2.2.1 from 2.2.0.
This blog is hosted on Dreamhost.
I’d like to keep the record of upgrade.
1) Backup your database.
Dreamhost backup the MySQL database every day. So if you have no post in the past 24 hours, you don’t need to do a manual backup through PHPmyAdmin.
2) Backup ALL your WordPress files in your WordPress directory.
Just ssh to the server, and run the command to backup all files.

tar -cvzf dreamer-2.2.0 dreamer.g2soft.net

3) Deactivate ALL your Plugins.
I sign in as administrator, and deactivate all plugins.
4) Download and extract the WordPress package from http://wordpress.org/download/.
Download the 2.2.1 package, I downloaded zip file and uncompressed it.
5) Upload all filles to the Server
6) Run upgrade.
There is no database update needed.
7) Activate the Plugins I used before.

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