I checked my Blog in Google Search Console. It has a few useful reports. Such as Top Queries, Top pages, etc.

First, Top Queries on Google Search.

The four of five queries are all related to Proxmox VE. I want to share how my VMs are running and what I learned from hosting the Proxmox VE on the home server.

A lot of friends want to have their VM auto-start. It means the VM starts with the Host, Proxmox VE. They just simply do a Google search and find my quick answer, How to enable the VM auto-boot in Proxmox VE.

The CPU type is also very important when creating a new VM. There are so many choices of CPU types. Which one is the right one? Which one is good for the HOST CPU? Which one is a perfect match for the guest OS?

My post, How I choose VM CPU type in Proxmox VE gives you the answer.

The Win32diskimager issue on Windows 10 has bothered people a lot of time, just like me, I spent hours to locate the problem and get my workaround. I am hesitant to say it is a solution.

Can not start Win32diskimager on Windows 10.

There are also some helpful posts I made in past years.

I was very happy when my post gave you help or a clue to solve the problem. So I also welcome your comments here.


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