How to enable the VM auto-boot in Proxmox VE

After the setup of my first Proxmox VE, I need to shutdown and startup your Proxmox hardware node. There are many reasons for this such as adding new hardware or to apply new kernel updates.

Before shutting down the Host machine, I have to shutdown the LXC container and all VMs.

When I start the Proxmox VE host node, the VM will not start up automatically. I will do it manually.

Here is the way to make the VMs auto-start with the HOST.

Datacenter > Virtual Machine > 109 ( > Options > Start at boot

Double click the “Start at boot”, select the check box and OK.

Start at boot, options of Virtual Machine in Proxmox VE

When there are more than one VMs need to be started at boot. I can set up the order of starting of them.

Start/shutdown Order, options of VP in Proxmox VE
  • Start/Shutdown order: Defines the start order priority. E.g. set it to 1 if you want the VM to be the first to be started. (We use the reverse startup order for a shutdown, so a machine with a start order of 1 would be the last to be shut down). If multiple VMs have the same order defined on a host, they will additionally be ordered by VMID in ascending order.
  • Startup delay: Defines the interval between this VM start and subsequent VMs starts . E.g. set it to 240 if you want to wait 240 seconds before starting other VMs.
  • Shutdown timeout: Defines the duration in seconds Proxmox VE should wait for the VM to be offline after issuing a shutdown command. By default, this value is set to 180, which means that Proxmox VE will issue a shutdown request and wait 180 seconds for the machine to be offline. If the machine is still online after the timeout it will be stopped forcefully.

Regarding the LXC Container, there are the same options available.