In order to move guests in and out in a timely way, a hotel needs a fleet of quality luggage carts. The carts need to have enough space for different types of suitcases and bags. Plus, they need to be easy for hotel employees of all sizes to move through the lobby and hallways. The casters on a hotel luggage cart play an important role in helping the vehicle to move as it should. There are many types of casters available, but consider a few of the benefits of stainless steel casters for a hotel luggage cart.

Ease of Care

Casters made of stainless steel are easy to maintain. They can be sprayed with a hose to remove dirt, oil and other grime that begins to accumulate on them. Washing the casters on a luggage cart can easily be done in the utility room or laundry area in a hotel. After drying the casters thoroughly, the luggage cart is ready to go back to work.

An Attractive Appearance

Another reason stainless steel material is beneficial for casters is its appearance. Stainless steel looks shiny, attractive and modern on practically any type of hotel luggage cart. Though the casters on a luggage cart are low to the ground, they contribute to the overall appearance of the vehicle. An owner who wants to attract lots of guests does whatever he or she can to improve the overall look of the hotel.

Able to Carry the Weight

Another benefit of casters made of stainless steel is they are able to support the variety of cases put onto a hotel luggage cart. Some guests come in with just one suitcase filled with lightweight clothing and maybe a duffle bag. Other guests arrive with a trunk and several suitcases filled with clothing and other personal care items. A useful hotel luggage cart and its casters need to be able to handle any items that guests bring along for their stay.


A busy luggage cart may travel to different floors in a hotel dozens of times per day. This means the casters on the cart must endure bumping over elevator door tracks, moving from cement to carpeted floors and more. A durable set of casters on a luggage cart is a must-have for any busy hotel. A manager should have peace of mind that the carts in his or her fleet are ready to handle the work.

Suitable with Many Types of Wheels

Some casters have solid rubber wheels while others have pneumatic or semi-pneumatic wheels. Casters made of stainless steel are suitable for different types of wheels making them a versatile choice for a hotel luggage cart. This is helpful when you go to choose the types of wheels that are best for the floors of your hotel.

Lastly, it’s best to look at the size of a hotel luggage cart before choosing its casters and wheels. Some carts are designed to haul smaller suitcases while others are made for trunks. Taking the time to choose the right casters for your hotel luggage cart will give you a vehicle that is extremely useful in the daily operations of your establishment.

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