Here is a new icon in the notification area of my Windows 7.


The white four grids window icon. Double click it and I saw the pop up window as below.


It asked user to agree to Reserve your free upgrade.  Of course agree it.  Before click the button, let me check the details of the sliders.



Wow, good news, The start Menu is back. It is the main reason I don’t want to upgrade my Windows 7 to Windows 8.



Emm… Speed is very important. SSD saved my life by reducing the waiting time.


Yah, new features. Every time a software release a new version. It always tell me there are some new features can not miss. Really? Cortana, a personal digital assistant. Microsoft said it is a truly personal digital assistant. It remind me Microsoft Office assistant, an clipper, long time ago. Look that.




Windows Store, the place to get apps free or paid.

Actually, a new way to give Windows Tax.



No more news, just click Reserve your free upgrade button.



Yes, filling the form and send confirmation.

Now Windows 10 Insider Preview, latest version is Build 10130.

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