Google provide Checkout service last year, I think. More and more online-stores accept this kind of payment.
To promote this Checkout, Google announce a $10 sign-up bonus.
You’d be hurry to sign-up a new Google Checkout account.
• Sign up by February 15, 2007 and we’ll automatically apply your bonus to your first
purchase of $10 or more (pre-shipping & tax) from participating stores.
• Bonus expires March 31, 2007 and can’t be used with other Checkout promotions.
• Limit one per buyer only.
Let me show you how to sign up.
1) Enter
You need a Google Account to use this service.
2) Sign in with your Google Account.
3) Fill in the form with your Credit Card information.
4) Now you have the Google Checkout and $10 bonus.
China is not on the list of country with service.
When enter post code for Canadian address, put a space in between like this one, V5B 4S5.

I think the Google Checkout will be more popular in 2007.
Here is a screen shot of Checkout application.

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