We have wonderful time during past 15 years. Taking care of each other. Raising our three children. My wife, Vivian spend a lot of time with them. She is so busy. Has no time to do regular exercises. Until last month, I saw a great product, Fitbit Ultra.

It is a USB disk size device. My wife put it pocket, waist, or bra, and put on wrist when sleeping.
Fitbit Ultra can log following activities:

  • Steps
  • Stairs Climebd
  • Floors
  • Distance
  • Sleeping track

The device can upload data wireless. On Fitbit website dashboard, I can see how many steps she walked, how many floors she climbed today. I can also see if she sleepped well yesterday night. How many times she waked during the night.


It is a very exciting gift for my wife. She brings it all day, except shower time.

Here is a record yesterday. Vivian walked 5263 steps. Climbed 16 floors. It is about 3.67km.

If you want to track the activities every day. Fitbit is the only choice for you.  Click here to get your own fitness gadget.

David Yin

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