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Ubuntu 9.04 released in 7 days

I installed a Ubuntu 8.10 last Friday for Grace. Actually, it is Edubuntu. That means install Ubuntu 8.10 desktop version on PC first. Than install Edubuntu add-on on it. There is a lot of software for free. Free to install, free to use. For kids learning. What about Ubuntu 9.04

Backup server on Ubuntu

I have a Home Server at home. It should have following functions: Printer server; Fire sharing server; AMP server, including Apache, MySQL, PHP for testing purpose; P2P client to download something for fun with web interface; Backup server, to backup the files on the desktops in home lan. P2P software, I use aMule. Backup, I

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server

During last two nights, I tried Ubuntu 8.04 server on my old computer. Ubuntu 8.04 Long Term Support (LTS) Server Edition The computer which I installed server on is used as my main desktop before. It has AMD CPU and mobo 7 years old and two old Harddisk, one 60G, one 40G. I put 3

Ubuntu 8.04

Ubuntu 8.04 will release in 22 days. I have a Ubuntu 7.10 installed on my desktop. Before I can upgrade to the new version. Let’s go through the new features from 8.04. Xorg 7.3 The latest Xorg, Xorg 7.3, is available in Hardy, with an emphasis on better autoconfiguration with a minimal configuration file. This

Ubuntu 7.10 on USB flash disk

I have some USB flash disks. I’d like to make it a bootable with Ubuntu 7.10. Let me show you how to do it. 1. Grab the Ubuntu 7.10 ISO and burn it to a CD 2. Insert the CD and your USB flash drive 3. Reboot your computer into Ubuntu from the Live CD