It is 3 days to go. Ubuntu 9.10 has many new features since Ubuntu 9.04. I just list the features I like below: ext4 by default better disk performance Kubuntu Netbook release I have the netbook. Empathy replace pidgin support voice and video Ubuntu One personal 2G storage for freeContinue Reading

Ubuntu will release 9.04 in three days. I will upgrade my Ubuntu box when it is really released. Now I would like to go through the ne features of Ubuntu 9.04 Ubuntu 9.04 includes the latest GNOME 2.26 desktop environment. brasero All in one CD-burning application. It is default. gnome-display-propertiesContinue Reading

I installed a Ubuntu 8.10 last Friday for Grace. Actually, it is Edubuntu. That means install Ubuntu 8.10 desktop version on PC first. Than install Edubuntu add-on on it. There is a lot of software for free. Free to install, free to use. For kids learning. What about Ubuntu 9.04Continue Reading