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Install Ubuntu from USB disk

I am planning to install coming Ubuntu 9.04 on my Netbook, Acer one.
You know, Acer One netbook does not have CD-Rom. I don’t have USB CD-Rom either. So I have to use an USB disk to do this job.
First of all, I need to know the requirement of installation.
1) Can I boot from USB?
The answer is YES. I have an USB disk with bootable Ubuntu 6.10.
2) Have a harddrive.
Yes. Netbook has a SSD drive, 8 G.
I think it is big enough to install it along.
No dual-boot needed.

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New Features of Ubuntu 9.04

Ubuntu will release 9.04 in three days. I will upgrade my Ubuntu box when it is really released.
Now I would like to go through the ne features of Ubuntu 9.04
Ubuntu 9.04 includes the latest GNOME 2.26 desktop environment.
All in one CD-burning application. It is default.
gnome-display-properties has new features to support multi-monitors.
X.Org server 1.6
It has better 2D 3D support on ATI video card. Intel card is also supported well.
Boot performance
This is very important when competed with Windows Vista or XP, or even Windows 7.
Ext4 filesystem support
Ext4 is an option on Ubuntu 9.04. Ext3 is still default file system, but Ext 4 may be the default in the next version.

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Have a new LCD Monitor – Acer X223WBD

I went to Costco store yesterday. Just a quick look at the PC department. I decided to buy a new monitor for me and my old one will be my wife’s. Then my wife’s 17″ LCD will be used by Grace.
It is Acer X223WBD, 22″ wide screen monitor.
Pixel pitch: .282mm
Brightness: 300cd/m2
Contrast: 2500:1(ACM)
Viewable angle: 170 degree
Response time: 5ms
Max resolution: 1680X1050 @60Hz
Input Connector: D-Sub, DVI-D 24pin


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Remove Ubuntu Kernels you dont need any more

Every time I upgrade my Ubuntu desktop, a new kernels comes in. Then I have a new kernel and old one will never be used.
Time by time. I have 6 or more kernels in the booting list and I don’t want to see. How can I remove them.
I got the way to do this cleaning job.
1) Check my current kernel I use by command as below:

uname -r

The response tells the current version number


2) Open the Synaptic package manager from the System->Administration menu.

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Backup server on Ubuntu

I have a Home Server at home.
It should have following functions:

  • Printer server;
  • Fire sharing server;
  • AMP server, including Apache, MySQL, PHP for testing purpose;
  • P2P client to download something for fun with web interface;
  • Backup server, to backup the files on the desktops in home lan.

P2P software, I use aMule.
Backup, I want to use Restore, but failed. They don’t have the release for Ubuntu 8.04. Someone said it is good on 7.10.
A lot of request for the 8.04 version posted on its forum. I have to wait for the new one.
The way to install Restore is here:

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server

During last two nights, I tried Ubuntu 8.04 server on my old computer.
Ubuntu 8.04 Long Term Support (LTS) Server Edition
The computer which I installed server on is used as my main desktop before. It has AMD CPU and mobo 7 years old and two old Harddisk, one 60G, one 40G. I put 3 memory modules, total 1,536M, or 1.5G.
The performance is good.
I would like to make it as my Home Server with following features.

  • File server for desktops and/or laptop in future.
  • Printer server, attached by Samsung printer.
  • Media server, with capacity for MP3, Video files.
  • Web Server for testing purpose.

The installation is very simply, no more words to say.

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