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Important Passport Tips for Canadians

First of all, the passport remains the exclusive property of the Government of Canada and the person is allowed to use it.


As the custodian of this passport, it is your responsibility to keep it in a safe place at all times. If issued to a child, it is the parent or legal guardian’s responsibility to safeguard the passport on the child’s behalf.

When travelling: Do not leave a passport unattended in your luggage, vehicle, hotel room or esewhere. Lock it in a hotel safe or carry it securely in a moneybelt, purse or inside coat pocket.

At home: when no travelling, it is recommended that your passport be stored in a secure location in your home not easily accessibile to others.

Before you travel

Check the Government of Canada’s official Travel Advice and Advisories or each destination country at You will find up-to-date, country-specific advice on safety and security, entry and exit requirements, health concers, local laws and culture, and natural disasters and climate for more than 220 destinations worldwide.

Order or download a copy of Essential Information for Canadian Travellers and other publications for advice on safe and responsible travel at

Passport validity/expiry date: Check the expiry date of your passport before planning a trip. Many countries require that your passport be valid for several months after the date you plan to leave. Each country sets its own rules. so you should consult the Travel Advice and Advisories at to confirm the requirements of each of your destination countries.

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What kind of Stroller can be checked at the gate?

If you want to travel by plane with your kid, you may need stroller. Then it raised the question, what kind of stroller can be checked at the gate?

Based on the Stroller policy of Air Canada. Small collapsible umbrella type strollers are recommends.

Put it in details, a stroller with a collapsed diameter not exceeding 25.5cm (10 in) and a length not exceeding 92cm(36 in) is allowed, in addition to your carry-on allowance, regardless of destination.

The stroller can be checked at the gate to be delivered to you at the aircraft door at the end of your flight.

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Jin Mao Tower

I have been Jin Mao Tower of Shanghai. It is 2009-09-02.
We took the subway No.2 to Pudong. Just walk to Jin Mao Tower. The Shanghai Grand Hyatt is the famous hotel there. It occupies floors 53 to 87. It is total 88-story.
We did not go to the F/88.
The 88th floor (not part of the hotel) houses the Skywalk, a 1,520 m2 indoor observation deck with a capacity of 1,000+ people. In addition to the panoramic views of Shanghai, it offers a topside view of the hotel atrium below. It also includes a small post office. Access is through two express elevators from the basement that travel at 9.1m/s and take 45 seconds to reach the top. As of 2009 admission to the 88th floor costs RMB 88, or RMB 45 for children.
We are two adults, two kids.
Finally we went to 54/F: The hotel lobby and Grand cafĂ©, served by an express elevator from the tower’s ground floor. We seated in the cafe, and order some dimsum, cost about RMB300. It is better than F/88.
It is such a beautiful city. I love it. My home town.

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Travel site in English market

Destinia is a very famous travel agency in Spanish. It has a lot of facilities to help user to find a hotel right for him. Look, it has a catalogue with more than 150.000 hotels in countries all over the world. It is a big database.
Now Destinia introduces in English market. English is the most used language in the world. So it open the biggest door to the people want to search a good deal of vacation.


The price of the hotel Destinia recommended is reasonable.
The best deal of Paris is GBP25. GBP35 for London, GBP40 for New York, GBP25 for Tokyo, and GBP15 for Bangkok.

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In-Flight Internet service is for real

The business traveller alway want to minimize the traveling time. Even they can use their laptop in the flight.
Now the leading vendor, Aircell, has American Airlines offering its Gogo service, Delta Air Lines and Virgin America have signed on, Northwest Airlines is poised to join if its acquisition by Delta goes through, and another is soon to announce, says Aircell CEO Jack Blumenstein. Some 2,000 planes will offer Gogo by the end of next year, he predicts.
So what is Gogo? and how it works?
On each plane, Aircell installs a server that caches content from recently accessed Internet addressed. Gogo uses 3 MHz of spectrum freed up from Verizon’s now-defunct seat-back phone system, and taps Meru Networks for the Wi-Fi connection.
The people who tried it before said:” The video chat worked flawlessly. … I even watched a video on our site while holding a video chat. A little extra buffering on the video, but after that, it streamed perfectly. … The idea of having an instant office up in the sky is pretty appealing.”

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How to prepare your business travel

When you prepare your business travel, you may need your laptop. There are some tips for you.
If you travel without your Laptops:

Set up guest PCs in your branch offices for on-the-go employee.
Transport data on thumb-drive storage devices.
Make enterprie apps accessible by Web browser.
Use SSL VPN connections for temporary PCs to ensure security. SSL performs a disconnection cleanup so work history is automatically scrubbed from borrowed PCs.
Carry a cell phone and PDA. Even if they’re relegated to checked baggage, they have a better chance of going undamaged.

What about you travel with Laptops

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