The business traveller alway want to minimize the traveling time. Even they can use their laptop in the flight.
Now the leading vendor, Aircell, has American Airlines offering its Gogo service, Delta Air Lines and Virgin America have signed on, Northwest Airlines is poised to join if its acquisition by Delta goes through, and another is soon to announce, says Aircell CEO Jack Blumenstein. Some 2,000 planes will offer Gogo by the end of next year, he predicts.
So what is Gogo? and how it works?
On each plane, Aircell installs a server that caches content from recently accessed Internet addressed. Gogo uses 3 MHz of spectrum freed up from Verizon’s now-defunct seat-back phone system, and taps Meru Networks for the Wi-Fi connection.
The people who tried it before said:” The video chat worked flawlessly. … I even watched a video on our site while holding a video chat. A little extra buffering on the video, but after that, it streamed perfectly. … The idea of having an instant office up in the sky is pretty appealing.”

It is clear that office in flight comes true.

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