What kind of Stroller can be checked at the gate?

If you want to travel by plane with your kid, you may need stroller. Then it raised the question, what kind of stroller can be checked at the gate?

Based on the Stroller policy of Air Canada. Small collapsible umbrella type strollers are recommends.

Put it in details, a stroller with a collapsed diameter not exceeding 25.5cm (10 in) and a length not exceeding 92cm(36 in) is allowed, in addition to your carry-on allowance, regardless of destination.

The stroller can be checked at the gate to be delivered to you at the aircraft door at the end of your flight.

What about the large strollers?

Air Canada said, large, heavy strollers will need to be checked in and will count as one piece of baggage toward the maximum number of checked bags allowed by your fare type.

There is one condition, large strollers are also subject to space limitations, and there is a risk that they can not be accommodated in the aircraft.

So, check the stroller policy of your airline before going to the airport.

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