Grace is a kind of bookworm

I went to Burnaby Public Library with my daughters, Grace and Gloria.
I borrowed three books, Windows Server Hacks, Windows Server Cookbook and JavaScript for Dummies. Just three.
Grace, my six years old daughter and her little sister Gloria, three years old, borrowed 21 books. Seven times of mine.
They like reading, both of them.
Sometimes I have to say, Grace, have a rest for your eyes. Or, Grace, go out to play your bicycle.
It is inherited from me, I think. I like reading different kinds of books.
We bought a dictionary for Grace. Each of her classmats has a dictionary from school. The teacher said, the dictionary of school is too easy for her. So Vivian asked which one is suitable. Then we bought this one. Collins Gage Canadian Junior Dictionary at Chapters.
The words on the cover are:
The leading reference for Young Writers
This dictionary is so good, with over 30000 entry words, and lots of full-colour illustrations.
When she reading some book, stopped by a word, she can use this dictionary. She knows how to use it.
She learns so quick.
I am proud of her.

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