Millions of people spend hours every day on their smartphones, tablets and laptops. While some of these hours are spent on productive tasks like work, shopping for necessities and connecting with friends and family, inevitably people get sucked into diverting themselves by scrolling and looking for entertainment and boredom busters. If they’re lucky, they will come across the perfect viral video to instantly lighten their mood.


One of the most popular types of videos on the viral video purveyor Jukin Media is a video showing a pet engaging in some sort of human behavior. Whether it’s inspecting a new human sibling, barking in a way that sounds like English, or wreaking havoc in the living room in their owners’ absence, these types of viral videos never fail to get a laugh. The uncanny valley effect of these human-like pet videos is compelling since most people have a pet or know someone who does.

Just Kidding Around

Another never-fail laugh is videos of adorable babies, toddlers and kids. For some reason, seeing kids throw tantrums over silly things like a banana tasting like a banana or being told to go to bed after they were started falling asleep at dinner never fails to get a chuckle. Adults get a lot of amusement out of watching toddlers get confused over the classic steal-the-nose ruse or dance like their favorite musician. Child-based videos spread so quickly because they remind adults of how they felt when they were young and carefree.

Caught on Camera

Some people love the feel of second-hand embarrassment they get from watching people do things on camera they would personally never be caught doing. Whether it’s watching someone on a surveillance camera accidentally knock over a perfect display of apples in a supermarket or trip over absolutely nothing, these types of videos offer a vicarious thrill.

Heroic Helper

One type of video that is sure to be sent on to friends for their viewing pleasure is that of the Good Samaritan who rushes to someone’s aid in the midst of a crisis. Typical viral versions usually entail an underdog as the victim and a typically normal person who becomes involved by happenstance; some examples of notable videos include helping to free a kitten who got stuck in an engine or working alongside others to rescue a child dangling from a balcony.

Natural Phenomena

Videos of beautiful moments in nature never fail to bring a sense of peace or wonder to the viewer. Videos showcasing beautiful rainbows, glittering northern lights or stampeding herds of wild mustangs inspire viewers with their beauty and raw power. People seek out these videos when they need to be calm or remind themselves about the majesty of the natural world.

Viral videos span a range of topics, so there is always one available to fit whatever mood the viewer might be experiencing. These videos spread so quickly because they provide brief respites from daily life; they are also wonderful ways of connecting with others who derive the same pleasure from these little snippets caught on film.

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