When I left San Francisco on Mar 18, I saw some cute stuff at the Airport. Something a lot of young people have never seen in their life.

TV Remote Control

These controls have physical buttons or switches.  They are big brands. Such as RCA, Panasonic, Zenith, etc.

Television Antennas

Old time, 1950s – 1960s, The antennas need to be attached to the TV to get signals to show the programs.

Cameras and Pictures

The films, film cameras, snapshot photographs, most of them are from 1980s. Kodak films. I still remember my Dad take the pictures with 120 or 135 size. It is Shanghai Seagull brand.The viewer screen is on the top. Later 1980s, the color films was invented. My Dad took the color pictures and mailed the film to his sister in Hongkong for developing and printing.


Lunchboxes and Thermoses

It is funny. They are made by metal in 1950s-70s. All same size with different cartoon pictures.

There are also some other interesting stuff I remember. Look at the pictures below for you.


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