Just upgrade my installation of Calibre to version  2.31, 64bit. New Features of v2.31 E-book viewer: Make the search engine used for searching for selected text configurable (in the Miscellaneous section of the viewer preferences) New Features of v2.30 An option to auto-convert a book on adding even if itContinue Reading

It is a major update. Named after Bud Powell. Some new features of this WordPress 4.2 Improved “Press This” Support native Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters, musical an dmathematical symbols and also emoji. Switch themes in the Customizer. More embeds, such as Tumblr.com and kickstarter. Streamlined plugin updates.Continue Reading

New Features of v2.20 ODT Input: Add backlinks for footnotes/endnotes and improve their formatting. Windows: When running on windows 8 and newer register with default programs so that users can more easily select calibre or its viewer/editor as the default program to launch ebook files. Make publishers in the bookContinue Reading