Remove Discus and Use the WordPress Native Comment system

As I mentioned in the title of this post, I disabled the Discus plugin and removed it from the Blogging system or WordPress. I starting to use the original, native commenting function out the box of the WordPress installation.

It just looks like a vanilla commenting system. Not fancy, but works.

I would like to talk about why I am not using Discus anymore.

There are a lot of posts around the world that said you should delete Disqus from your blog. Some reasons I already know and I tried to ignore them, such as:

  • Disqus loads a lot of JS scripts and slows my blog loading.
  • Disqus Ads adds more javascript and slows down even more.
  • Disqus tracking my visitors and also me.


To disable the Disqus plugin, just go to WordPress admin > Plugins > Disqus for WordPress

Click Deactivate first, then click delete under it.

Then, I can see the very plain comment input area just below the every post content.

You just need to fill in the Name and Email, then you can start commenting.

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