Remove Adware.roogoo

The office computer always displayed a Symantec warning, which said Adware.roogoo is found and removed last week. I trust this virus is not removed, because this warning window poped every day.
I search Symantec site.
Adware.Roogoo is adware that installs a Layered Service Provider that monitors network traffic. The risk reports Google search terms back to its controlling domain and may display pop-up advertisements.
A lot of Ad popup windows every day.
I have to fixit by myself.
The steps as below:
1) Download LSPFix.exe

2) Download WinsockXPFix.exe
3) Restart the computer to Safe Mode by pressing F8
4) Run LSPFix.exe, check the “I know what I’m doing”, then click quartz32.dll to remove it.
5) Go to following folder to delete these files ( or just change file name.)
6) Restart your computer to the normal mode.
7) Run WinsockXPFix.exe, press fix, wait it complete.
The end.

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2 Replies to “Remove Adware.roogoo

  1. 病毒Roogoo原来就是通用搜索

    前几天,公司的电脑里,不时会弹出各种广告,即使一个浏览器也不开,一个晚上,也会弹出个7,8个窗口。 而安装的反病毒软件,Symantec Antivirus只是报告有Adware.Roogoo这个病毒,似乎没有什么有效的办法来清除它…

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