I bought two sets of these devices, DirecTV DCAU1R0-01 Broadband USB DECA Ethernet to Coax Kit. Two devices per set. So I got a total of four devices.

Here are some technical terms of the name.

DirecTV: DirecTV (trademarked as “DIRECTV”) is an American direct broadcast satellite service provider based in El Segundo, California and is a subsidiary of AT&T. Its satellite service, launched on June 17, 1994, transmits digital satellite television and audio to households in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Its primary competitors are Dish Network and cable television providers. On July 24, 2015, after receiving approval from the United States Federal Communications Commission and United States Department of Justice, AT&T acquired DirecTV in a transaction valued at $67.1 billion. (Wikipedia)

Ethernet to Coax: It is an Ethernet running through Coax cable. Coax cable means the home TV Cable. So basically it is a technology using Coax for Ethernet instead of using CAT5 cable.

DECA: A subset standard of MOCA. Or, A DirecTV hardware with MOCA standard.

MOCA: MoCA is a standard for networking over coaxial cables in the home, set by the Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance. The standard takes its name from the group, like ATSC.

I bought them from Newegg.ca

For my personal use. I don’t have Cable TV. The Coax Cable to my house is just for the Internet. The main cable, which from outside of my house, goes into my basement to the Box. Through two 3 way coaxial cable splitters, it connects to the cables inside my house. Then go into each of the rooms.  Here I do not use the inside cables for TV.

I hand drew a picture, tell how I connect the router, modem, PC, deca devices, etc.

It explains how I use these DirecTV Broadband USB DECA Ethernet to Coax Kit.

The Pros is that I don’t have to cable my house with CAT5e or CAT6 cable and install the wall jack. And it is cheaper.

The Cons is DECA max speed is 100Mbps.

MOCA 2.0 offers data rates up to 900Mbps.

I can also choose the MOCA device since I don’t have any TV signals. But the MOCA device is so expensive.


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