Verbatim USB Drive Store N Go 16GB

Today, I went to Staples to buy some school supplies for Grace, my elder daughter.
As a by-purchase, I bought a USB disk. Verbatim USB Drive. I have some USB disk. But this time I just want to buy larger capacity disk.
8GB is minimum. Compare the price and capacity of the product. I chose Verbatim 16GB Store N Go.
The original price is $49.96. There is $20.00 instance rebate, so it is $29.96.


The retractable housing easily slides in and out–no cap to lose. For sensitive files, these drives offer password protection (*works with Windows operating systems only.) for your peace of mind.
The reason why I pick this brand, is that it makes me think about the floppy disk I used 15 years ago on Intel 386DX PC.