DELL XPS 15 (L502X) Change HDD to SSD

I have a five years old DELL XPS 15, L502X model.  I have an SSD, Crucial BX200 240GB 2.5-inch SSD. I have a 2.5-inch HDD SSD External Enclosure.

Now it is time to change HDD to SSD. I want to keep the system, data, everything on the HDD.

The original HDD on XPS 15 is Hard Drive 750GB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive.

The very first step is to clean my laptop.

Remove some useless programs and movies. Move one of the users’ data to NAS. Delete this user. Just keep one user, which is my daughter.  The purpose of this step is to reduce the data to less than 240GB.

The second step. Install SSD into Nexstar External Enclosure.


The third step. Clone the HDD to SSD.

I connect the enclosure to my laptop through USB cable. Install the cloning software, or migration software, which is shipping with SSD.

Acronis TrueImage.

When the cloning process finished, turn off the laptop. disconnect all cable and power.

The forth step, swap HDD with SSD.

I do not describe the details of how to disassemble the laptop, DELL XPS 15. I learn it from

I took four screenshots of this web guide, which is required for HDD.

disassemble-1 disassemble-2 disassemble-3 disassemble-4

Look at my picture of my HDD.


Took out the HDD, put SSD in. Assemble the laptop. Put everything in order.

Las Step, Boot the laptop with SSD.

It is much fast than before.


After that all, I put HDD into the Enclosure and use it as a 750GB external drive.



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