My old Verbatim USB Drive Store N Go 16GB is broken, when I dropped it on the ground. So I got a chance to purchase a new one from London Drugs.

Now it is new SanDisk USB Flash drive. Still 16GB


The speed to copy files into it is not fastest.


  • 6.92MB/Sec write speed
  • 20.75MB/Sec read speed

One of the advantage of SanDisk USB Flash drive is the SanDisk Secure Access Software.

It protects files with a password and Encryption. The password protection uses 128-bit AES encryption.  It creates a special zone to store the sensitive files.

Here are some screenshots of the software.


New version of SecureAccess V2.0.

secureaccess installation

When start to install the software.

secureaccess agreement

Of course, agree the end users agreement.

secureaccess looks

Here is the look of the software.

You can drap files into the Vault. Or copy and paste them.


The last thing, the price of it is $9.99 plus tax. Very reasonable price.

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