My Kindle Keyboard is damaged last week. The screen is broken.
I contact Amazon through the Amazon contact page. Enter the phone number and click call, they called me.
I explain the situation of my broken Kindle. Because it is over one year, no more warranty. They offer me a Kindle Touch with discounted price, $80.00. The regular price is $99.00 on Amazon US site. It is $139.99 at The Source in store only.
I say yes. I accept the offer. The total is $80.00 + $9.70(shipping) + $9.88(import fee deposit)= $99.58

There are some mistakes happened on my credit card, shipping address, these kind of things. I have to contact them two times to correct it.
Finally, it is OK, the order looks OK now. The elivery estimate: August 24, 2012.
And there is a condition, that I have to send the broken kindle back to Amazon. They provide me a UPS label.
Then let me wait and I will post when I receive it.

David Yin

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