There are many different brand mod chips for Wii. WiiKey, D2CKey, Cyclowiz, Wiinja, Wiinja Deluxe, Wiibuster, etc. Compare with the price, function, features and the Wii Drivechip, I recommend Wii Key 2. Wii Key 2 support DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C-2 and D2E chipsets. Support all regions, including USA, JAP,Continue Reading

Finally, I bought Wii Fit With Balance Board from Bestbuy Burnaby store. Gary, my co-worker, told me that Bestbuy has Wii Fit 11 o’clock last Friday. We check the Bestbuy website. It looks they still have some. I drove there and ask the Bestbuy staff in the entrance of theContinue Reading

Just come back from San Francisco last Saturday. We went to T&T and Costco for grocery. Later afternoon, we stopped in the EB Games, a game store. We found Wii there and it is $269.00 with Wii Sports. After a short discussing with Vivian and We decided to buy it.Continue Reading