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Tux Paint

I would like to introduce this Free Paint program. Tux Paint. My daughter, Grace, loves it. She still remember that she played it one year ago when I use Edubuntu. Actually, I installed it in Windows XP yesterday. Yes, this program is Open Source and can run on a variety of platforms, including all versions


Testfreaks is a site aggregating all information about your favorite products. User reviews, professional reviews, prices, blog posts, forum threads, news, rumors, manufacturers descriptions and specifications, manuals, videos and more. For example, I want to buy a mono laser printer, Lexmark E120. I do the search on the Testfreaks, and got the product page which

Know more about Windows Registry

Most of the PC users use Windows from Microsoft. Based on the website log analytics report, over 85% readers of my Blog use Windows. The rest are Macintosh, Linux, BSD, etc. I’m also use Windows in the office and home. Some times your Windows has some problems and you have to fix it by your

How about Masterseek

Masterseek is a kind of search engine which provides quick and free access to company profiles, contact information, and descriptions of products and services from more than 45 million companies in 75 countries. You may find masterseek can get some useful search results. Some times not. Just like me, I tried to enter “sport insurance”

On-Demand CRM for Lead Aggregation Business

When you are doing the lead Aggregation Business (Lead Sales), you may need a web-based CRM software. AIMpromote AIMpromote is the name of this kind of crm software. CRM is Customer relationship management. You can find more information from Wiki. A typical CRM system is subdivided into three basic sub modules: 1. Marketing 2. Sales

Coke zero is my favority cola

My daughters like cola. I think the kids like sweet taste than adult. For me, when I shop in the Safeway, I will took some Diet Coke. It is sugar free. And later I found this one Coke zero I like this kind of Coke. It has zero sugar, zero calorie. It is more health

Home Heating & Safety

It is spring going to summer. Do you finish your home spring cleaning? Right here you will find the tools you need. To clean your heater is much more work to do. I have some vent free heaters to you. Look at it Remember, it is a Natural Gas Vent-Free Gas Wall Heater. It has