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The results of PAM-abl

Web, as a wild place, is not a safe playground to me. I have a server, got so many attacking everyday. It is only two small sites running on it. What can I do? I have to protect myself by my computer skills. I install and enabled PAM_abl black list function for SSH security. Now

IP Ports and Protocols

The following IP Ports and Protocols are excerpted from Networking Fundamentals. Port number – Protocols name 20 – File Transfer Protocol (FTP) data 21 – File Transfer Protocol (FTP) control 23 – Telnet 25 – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) 53 – Domain Name Service (DNS) 80 – HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 110 – Post

IP Address Banned in hMailServer

I mentioned about spammer want to send spams through my email server. I have to ban some IP address range. It is very easy to config it in hMailServer administration interface. The following image is the screen shoot after setup. Please notice the IP range: Ban IP 1: – Ban IP 2:

Spam Emails from So-Net

Recently, my email server got very heavy load of spams. Just see a very short log file, lots from the IP address of SONET-TW (Sony Network Taiwan Limited). I googled it and found it is a ISP company provide ADSL internet access service. Because of so many load of server, I have to ban the

New look of DNS Stuff

I used DNS Stuff very often. It is a handy tool for network. Such as Reverse DNS lookup, WHOIS Lookup, DNS Report, etc. It changed UI to new look. Web 2.0 like face. Use DNS report, I can easily recognize the setting of my DNS server of my domain. I can fix the bugs if