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Playing Mame Arcade Game on Raspberry Pi

My first project for Raspberry Pi is game emulator. Oh, no, it is the second. The first is to make a case for Raspberry Pi. Let us look at the Raspberry Pi’s status when it working inside of the case. The board is sitting inside of the box perfectly. The white lan cable connect from

Get my Nintendo DS Lite Case changed

I have an Nintendo DS Lite for 2 or 3 years. All good. Except the case is broken by someone. Maybe my daughter. Definitely not my wife. 🙂 OK. I will try to replace the case. The whole case. DealExtreme is a good place to find these kind of small staff. I ordered it at

Super7 retired and LOTTO MAX comes

Letter from BCLC said, The final draw for Canada’s Lotto Super 7 game will be held on September 18, 2009. To ensure all prize money from the final Lotto Super 7 draw is distributed, if the September 18, 2009 jackpot is not won, the jackpot will roll down and be shared amongst the winners in

We got a Wii yesterday

Just come back from San Francisco last Saturday. We went to T&T and Costco for grocery. Later afternoon, we stopped in the EB Games, a game store. We found Wii there and it is $269.00 with Wii Sports. After a short discussing with Vivian and We decided to buy it. Grace and Gloria are so

Blackjack Club

Blackjack Club is an onlne casino which provides online black jack game. It has many table games including Blackjack, Bacarrat, Caribbean Poker, Sic Bo, Roulette, Craps, Pai Gow, Pontoon. Slots machine is also fun. Blackjack Club has two 3D games too. One is racing horse, the other is Arctic Adventure. The online game is asking

HotSeat Racer GT offers super gamer experience

Have you see this perfect machine. Play PC games in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. The best bet is the comfortable, adjustable seat on the rack. Look at the picture from HotSeat. The price start from $699. Includes LCD stand, racing console, surround sound and your choice from 4 colors and wheel, monitor, games, gaming

Sudoku game

I touched Sudoku game first in the Newspaper. It is easy to approach and the high lever is very difficult. For example, the level 1 can be solved in 5 minutes, but the level 8 can be solved in 30 minutes and more. The Gamehouse sudoku! is a good pc game. There are a lot

Where can we got the ROMs?

To use the M.A.M.E. emulator, you can download the software from the official site. Only the emulator is not enough. You need the ROMs to play the game, because the game saved as ROM file. Here are some ROM site: http://www.romnation.net/ http://www.mameromlinks.com/ http://www.rom-world.com/ http://www.arcadeheaven.com/ http://www.starroms.com/ Download the ROM files, and save them into the folder