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Five Benefits of Casters Made of Stainless Steel


In order to move guests in and out in a timely way, a hotel needs a fleet of quality luggage carts. The carts need to have enough space for different types of suitcases and bags. Plus, they need to be easy for hotel employees of all sizes to move through the lobby and hallways. The casters on a hotel luggage cart play an important role in helping the vehicle to move as it should. There are many types of casters available, but consider a few of the benefits of stainless steel casters for a hotel luggage cart.

Ease of Care

Casters made of stainless steel are easy to maintain. They can be sprayed with a hose to remove dirt, oil and other grime that begins to accumulate on them. Washing the casters on a luggage cart can easily be done in the utility room or laundry area in a hotel. After drying the casters thoroughly, the luggage cart is ready to go back to work.

An Attractive Appearance

Another reason stainless steel material is beneficial for casters is its appearance. Stainless steel looks shiny, attractive and modern on practically any type of hotel luggage cart. Though the casters on a luggage cart are low to the ground, they contribute to the overall appearance of the vehicle. An owner who wants to attract lots of guests does whatever he or she can to improve the overall look of the hotel.

Able to Carry the Weight

Another benefit of casters made of stainless steel is they are able to support the variety of cases put onto a hotel luggage cart. Some guests come in with just one suitcase filled with lightweight clothing and maybe a duffle bag. Other guests arrive with a trunk and several suitcases filled with clothing and other personal care items. A useful hotel luggage cart and its casters need to be able to handle any items that guests bring along for their stay.


A busy luggage cart may travel to different floors in a hotel dozens of times per day. This means the casters on the cart must endure bumping over elevator door tracks, moving from cement to carpeted floors and more. A durable set of casters on a luggage cart is a must-have for any busy hotel. A manager should have peace of mind that the carts in his or her fleet are ready to handle the work.

Suitable with Many Types of Wheels

Some casters have solid rubber wheels while others have pneumatic or semi-pneumatic wheels. Casters made of stainless steel are suitable for different types of wheels making them a versatile choice for a hotel luggage cart. This is helpful when you go to choose the types of wheels that are best for the floors of your hotel.

Lastly, it’s best to look at the size of a hotel luggage cart before choosing its casters and wheels. Some carts are designed to haul smaller suitcases while others are made for trunks. Taking the time to choose the right casters for your hotel luggage cart will give you a vehicle that is extremely useful in the daily operations of your establishment.

Creating the Virtual Access You Need for Your Business

As a business owner, you realize how important a website is to your ability to reach your audience. Without a website, you fail to reach the people to whom you want to sell your products and services. You also miss the chance to draw in a new audience that can put you ahead of your competitors.

A website that is engaging, colorful, relevant, and easy to use can make all of the difference in whether you can successfully launch your brand or go out of business before the end of the first year. You can create the desktop and mobile access you need for your brand by partnering with professional technology consultants, an Austin web designer, a local computer business, and others who have the technological savvy to create and launch your website for you.

Personalized Service

Your business is unlike any other even those of your closets competitors. You may have a unique vision for your company and a one-of-a-kind approach to serving your customers.

However, you cannot spread the word about your brand if you were to rely on a brick and mortar office or store alone. You may draw in far fewer customers than you need to survive and end up out of business before you know it.

To begin reaching out your target base, you need a desktop website that is easy to use and updated to provide the new information about your products and services. If you do not have time or skill to build that site yourself, you can hand the task off to professionals like a virtual design company, the Standard beagle, or computer pros who are trained and ready to assist you.

They can offer you individualized services that will be unique to your company and reflect your vision for your brand. They can also link it to your social media accounts that you may have established for your business.

In today’s competitive market, you cannot rely on a desktop website alone, however. You have to make your content mobile to reach more customers today. More people than ever are using smartphones to access the Internet. A mobile website to pair with the desktop version can give you the edge over your competition and increase traffic to both your website and your business.

You can find out more about the design process, cost, and other details by going to the service’s website. You can also start the creative process for your website today.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

I would like to introduce a data recovery software from EaseUS. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Save your data from the deleted files, deleted folders, formatted drive, or crupted system from the Desktop, Laptop, or the portable drive, such as SD card, MicroSD card.

The installation file for Windows is about 22MB.  The whole procedure is as simple as four steps.

  1. Download the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.6. Install it on the drive which is not you want to recover the data
  2. From the desktop or where you installed, launch the program
  3. After choosing the device, you can scan the drive, maybe deep scanning, then find the missing file
  4. Recover it to the new location

That’s it. As simple as a few clicks.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard supports different file system, including FAT, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2, ext3, HFS+. It can be installed on different operation system, from Windows 10 to XP, Windows Server, or Mac OS.



It can recover the data from local C drive on the PC, from USB drive, from SD card, or other digital devices.

The first look of the program. When I plug in a USB drive, it recognized it. When I plug in an SD card, which Windows treated as unformatted, is recognized.


The deleted files in my Kingston USB drive.

I recovered a file successfully. The free version has 500M limit.

The what so called unformatted SD card. It can scan the SD card and find as many as files from lost partition. So amazing.


It is best  memory card recovery  software. I will highly recommend it to everyone. The 2GB limit for the free version. $69.95 for an unlimited amount of data you can recover. Even one photo file in a memory card from your camera is more valuable than the price.

How To Optimize Business Growth This Year

Business growth is oftentimes one of the corporate leader’s primary concerns. If you’re serious about making ongoing expansion a reality for your organization, know that you can. Below you’ll find just three of many business growth strategies you can utilize to keep your organization on the road to ongoing expansion:

1. Utilize Influencer Relations Services.

If you’re serious about optimizing business growth, know that one of the best ways to make it happen is by utilizing influencer relations services. These services are effective because they help you get and remain connected to the individuals who have the authority and influence necessary to make your brand more visible amongst members of your target audience. Note that there are hundreds of customized influencer relations services you can deploy to make your organization increasingly visible and influential in online and offline spaces. Some of them include:

• YouTuber Relations
• Instagram Collaborations
• Blogger Relations
• Influencer Relations
• Outreach Campaigns
• Instagram Influencer Seeding
• Blogger Seeding
• Influencer Outreach Campaigns
• YouTuber Seeding
• Influencer Seeding

2. Utilize Stress-Busting Strategies.

Another strategy you can deploy to keep your business growing is utilizing stress-busting techniques. These techniques are important because building a business can be an anxiety-inducing endeavor. If you allow anxiety to go unaddressed for extended periods of time, you could make yourself susceptible to unwanted conditions like depression, insomnia, constipation, and premature aging. Luckily, there are many stress-busting techniques you can implement to fight anxiety and maintain your mental and physical equilibrium throughout the day. Below you’ll find just a few of many anxiety-reducing strategies that can keep you in a healthy state:

• Massage
• Journaling
• Meditation
• Green Juice
• Volunteering

3. Replace Outdated Equipment.

One final strategy you should implement to make your organization increasingly effective is replacing outdated equipment. This technique is incredibly powerful because it helps optimize the visual appeal of the commercial setting while also decreasing the likelihood of unwanted mishaps and injuries in the office environment. A third benefit of replacing outdated equipment is that doing so can empower your staff to complete their assignments faster and with fewer frustrations. Note that if your company makes regular use of technological products like the micro RF connector, businesses such as IPEX can assist you.

Start Generating The Outcomes You Want Immediately!

Business owners who are ready to make company expansion a reality should know that they can realize the objective. Some of the techniques that you can deploy to ensure that ongoing growth happens include utilizing influencer relations services, implementing stress-busting strategies, and replacing outdating equipment.

Information About Building Your First Custom Android Application

Android applications are used by millions of people throughout the world every day. When you develop a good application, you can rest assured that you have a high chance at success. Learning more about the process and how to make your application the most profitable should be your priorities. This helps to get your application effectively launched and ensures that you are working toward the most profitability possible.


Planning for Android Application Development


The first step in custom Android application development is creating a solid development strategy and brainstorming an excellent application idea. Start by exploring the apps that are already on the market and work to solve a problem. For example, if you are creating an app that helps people track their personal finances, what can you offer that other apps do not have? This is going to be your starting point. You want to do the following during the planning stage:


  •          Conduct deep market research so that you know what is already available on the market
  •          Make sure to create with data efficiency
  •          Strike while the market is hot
  •          Know who your target audience is
  •          Create an effective and thorough marketing strategy
  •          Make sure to conduct research to know how to correctly price your app
  •          Make sure that you fully understand the Android platform
  •          Budget for sufficient time to fully test your app before you launch
  •          Create a reasonable budget for development
  •          Make sure to focus on crafting a catchy and detailed application description


Understanding the Application Development Process Basics


When you are developing an application, there are certain steps that come after the planning phase. It is important to understand these so that you can ensure a thorough process. You will start by choosing your platform and learning about it. From here, you start creating your application. Make sure to plan for tweaks and problems to occur. Consider navigation and user experience. Strive to make it as simple as possible and focus on simplicity in the backend.


Exploring a Popular Case Study


When you are working on custom Android application development, looking at some case studies can help you to make the right choices and avoid common mistakes. Redwerk did a case study on the CleanAgents application. This platform makes it possible for people to book various cleaning services fast. It works with reputable companies and has deals established on the application.


Redwerk developed this application from start to finish. The process included the requirements for discovery and analysis, testing, UI/UX design, application development, maintenance, submitting to Google Play and support.


The biggest challenge was making sure that this application was unique and offered something similar applications did not. It simplifies the process of cleaning services for both customers and professional cleaners. It is also easy to manage on the backend. It took just a month to deliver the application which is incredibly impressive. It utilized the services of two QA engineers, two developers and 4,093 lines of code.


Outsourcing Your Development for Better Profitability


Outsourcing your application development is often an economical choice. This is because you can work with a company that focuses on developing applications. When this is their focus, they have the right people ready to go and can complete your application efficiently. The faster it is developed, the lower your costs. These companies also guarantee that the application will be successful and offer complete returns, so if something goes wrong, you have not made any investment. If you opt to create your own application, even if it fails, you are out all of the money that you spent on development.


When you are searching for an outsource company to work with, you want to evaluate them thoroughly. Look for the following:


  •          Communication skills
  •          Experience and expertise
  •          Overall capabilities
  •          Their privacy and security policies
  •          Their success rate and development process
  •          If they guarantee timely delivery and project updates
  •          Their average cost per project


You can see that getting your Android application off the ground in the right way is the most important step. Saving money while still utilizing professional services is ideal and outsourcing development allows for this. Take note of all of the information presented here and make sure to plan well before starting the development process.

3 Reasons to Start Enterprise Social Networking

When you think of social networking, perhaps you imagine logging onto your personal Facebook page and sharing photos or seeing friends’ events. You might not have considered social networking as a tool you can integrate into enterprise technology. The emergence of so-called enterprise social networking, though, has proven that this is a viable and valuable use of social media platforms. Whether you are an independent entrepreneur or a CEO, you can benefit from leveraging the potential of these platforms within your enterprise. Rather than existing solely for socialization, you can appropriate them to be used for vital communication and collaboration.

These are three of the top reasons to get started utilizing social networking for your company today. You might be surprised by how effective Twitter is when you are trying to roll out a new initiative and communicate with your whole team. Don’t wait to start integrating these platforms into your team’s daily workflow and routine.

Connect With Everybody Easily

When you are on Twitter or Facebook, you can easily connect with management, interns and everybody in between. Everybody else is using these networks, and bringing them into the workplace open a world of potential when it comes to initiating communication and building collaborative movement between personnel. Social networking in the office is a form of collaboration in and of itself, so of course, innovators such as Donald Burns are already tapping into this potential and developing a presence on Twitter. This is just one way to make yourself available to your team and open communication lines to facilitate collaboration.


Get a Transparent View of Current Events

Tech has its buzzwords and trends, and perhaps no phenomenon is better evidence that the hashtag. Hashtags can help anybody easily see posts that are all on a given topic, and it can also start trends and conversations that may not have otherwise taken place. Browsing the social network feed of any executive, like the aforementioned Donald Burns, will reveal just how important hashtags and social networking are. With resources like these, you can get a transparent and sweeping view of everything that’s going on at any given moment. That is an invaluable tool for you and your company.


Build the Visibility of Your Brand

There are many different ways to use social media in enterprise tech. You might use it to communicate with your team, initiate collaborations or you can employ it to improve your company and your brand’s visibility. In doing so, you can control the image that is projected to other users and the rest of your team. This is an important consideration when it comes to tailoring your social media presence to the needs of your company. Rather than simply using the account for one purpose, you can integrate all of these objectives into your use of social networking.

Social media and enterprise tech are not mutually exclusive—in fact, they are complementary and might prove to be a powerful combination for your company. No matter what you are trying to achieve with social networking, these tips can help you use it to the benefit of your organization.

Canadians Have and Have Not Enjoyed Gambling Over the Years #Canada150

Face it. There is nothing like the rush of a craps table. There’s really nothing like the rush of gambling period, which is why it is such a popular entertainment medium. Who wouldn’t want to sit down at a machine or table and double, triple, or even quadruple their money? Canadians love to try their luck in the 21st century, and although it’s always been that way, it hasn’t always been legal.


Gambling Before Canada


Gambling in what is now Canada dates back prior to Canada itself. The indigenous people gambled as far back as 6000 B.C., as discovered by John Cabot. In 1497, Cabot researched the native gambling, which was to engage in activities that not only required a bit of luck but also fostered mental, physical, and spiritual growth, and unearthed evidence that games such as these dated back centuries. Canada didn’t become Canada until 1867, but those who inhabited the land prior loved to game.


Gambling Falls From Grace


Despite centuries of chance, the Canadian Criminal Code banned gambling in 1892. Much like Prohibition in the United States, it seemed like a good idea at the time, and much like Prohibition in the United States, the law didn’t stick. By 1900, Canadians were trying their luck once again by playing bingo and participating in charitable raffles. Horseracing was permitted by 1910, and in 1925 you could gamble legally at exhibitions and fairs.


If you have ever worked in government, you understand how difficult it can be to fund monetary needs. In 1969, authorities amended the Criminal Code to allow lotteries to fund provincial and federal projects. As time went by, restrictions loosened on horse racing and lotteries, and, slowly but surely, casinos and slot machines began to pop up everywhere. Today, gambling restrictions are determined by each province.


Las Vegas North of the Border


The year 1998 saw Sin City make its way north of the border when Caesars Windsor opened its doors in Windsor, Ontario. In 2005, Caesars began a 439-million-dollar project to renovate the gambling and entertainment space. Prior to the renovation, Canadians and their visitors enjoyed gambling well enough, but now, the impressive structure is a Mecca for those who love to try their luck. Viva Windsor, Ontario!


At What Cost?


What does a mega-casino like Caesars Windsor cost to the people, however? Yes, this and hundreds of other casinos bring much-needed income into the Canadian economy, but they also place a tremendous burden on the environment. Electricity, paper, waste management, and other factors make running these facilities with a low carbon footprint nearly impossible. So, how do Canadians continue to engage in a favorite activity without feeling guilty? They go online.


Today’s Casino


The latest chapter in Canadian gambling history includes websites such as These list online casinos that allow real gambling from the comfort of your own home. When you gamble online, you not only have the same fun you have in brick-and-mortar casinos, you also stand a chance to hit it big. On top of that, you are improving your carbon footprint by gambling in cyberspace instead of at monster casinos.


Throughout history, Canadians have shown a love for gambling, and why not. Name another entertainment form that might actually pay you for having fun!

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks- Infographic

The world is jumping towards upgrade as new inventions are scarce and upgrades are a plenty. Microsoft Windows has been one such franchise. People are often heard saying, we are happy with the current windows and don’t need an upgrade. This argument is negated by the fact that no one uses Windows 95 or the millennium edition anymore. Windows 10 is the latest upgrade which you should get as soon as possible as you are missing out on a lot of features.

Some of the basic features to die for include:


The startup and boot takes less time than any windows version in history along with an inbuilt DirectX capability that enhances game play experience.

Startup menu

The customizable startup menu has everything you need while running your computer. It incorporates the features compatible with advance mouse users and modern User Interface elements. The big menu can be changed according to your needs and can help you do anything without opening any hard disk partition.


Additional firewall and data security ensures that you PC and data are always safe. The Microsoft passport and Windows Hello are the features that enhance the old security protocols. Data recovery software ensures that your data is secure and retractable even if the system goes haywire.

Snapping apps

A single screen can hold up to four snap-able apps which helps you greatly in multitasking work, entertainment, communication or/and social media.

Data recovery

One button data recovery enables you to never lose a single byte of data even when you are somehow locked out of the system. One button file recovery software gives you peace of mind that you will never lose your data in any circumstance.

Schedule updates

Automatic updates is one of greatest feature of Windows 10 which will help you remain updated, helping your computer guard against new viruses and running of old hardware in a better and efficient manner. All this at a pre-set time when you are not using your machine.

Infographic Source :

Your Small Business Needs Cyber Security

Just because you own a small business does not mean your security threats are small. Small businesses are especially vulnerable due to their lack of security. Forty-three percent of cyber attacks target small businesses. Cyber criminals are aware of the shortcomings in cyber security small businesses face. They are working with cheap, outdated equipment and may have a less knowledgeable staff. It is time to make cyber security a priority for your business.




Your small business is a prime target for hackers. You have more digital assets than individual consumers and less security than larger businesses. Many small businesses underestimate their vulnerability, assuming they are not a target. There are many techniques hackers use to attack small businesses.


  •        Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) – These long-term targeted attacks use multiple phases to avoid detection.


  •        Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) – Hackers intentionally overload a target’s website or network system with requests with the goal of causing the website or network to shut down.


  •        Malware – “Malicious software” is any program introduced into the computer with the intent to cause damage or allow unauthorized access.


  •        Password Attacks – There are many ways hackers can gain access to your password. The three main approaches include brute-force (guessing), dictionary attack and keylogging.


  •        Phishing – This is the most common form of cyber attack. Sensitive data is collected through legitimate-looking websites. These are usually sent via email.


Educate Yourself


Consider taking online courses to increase your knowledge of your risks and solutions. Schools like Maryville University offer courses and degree programs in cyber security. You can take self-paced training courses that allow you to educate yourself despite your busy schedule. Online learning is a great resource for busy entrepreneurs. You are not bound to physical class sessions. You can easily access classes from anywhere. Since you are pumping all of your income into building a business, you want to save money at every opportunity. Internet-based courses save you both time and money.


Once you have the knowledge, pass it on to your employees. Make sure they are aware of the reality of online threats. Make sure there are security practices and policies in place and make sure the staff is aware of them. Social networking is a common distraction in the workplace. Educate employees on safe practices. Hold employees accountable to your business’s internet security policies and procedures.


Be Safe


It is important to do your best to protect yourself and your business against cyber attacks. As a small business, you are a target. Here are five steps to help keep information safe online.


  •        Enable strong, two-factor authentication and create strong passwords


  •        Update your operating system, browser and other critical software regularly


  •        Make communication about cyber safety a priority around the workplace


  •        Use privacy settings and limit the amount of sensitive information shared online


  •        Always verify unknown links, attachments or emails before opening




Different types of security software provide varying levels of protection. Antivirus software protects against most types of malware and is very common. Firewalls prevent unauthorized users from accessing your computer or network. This is a great added level of protection. It is also wise to invest in a data backup solution. If information is lost or compromised, it can be easily recovered from your backup source. Encryption software helps protect sensitive data.


Don’t delude yourself into thinking your small business has nothing worth stealing. Don’t allow yourself to be a target. Educate yourself and yourself on the dangers of cyber threats. Create enforceable internet security policies and procedures. Use safe practices to protect your passwords and sensitive information. Cyber security should be a top priority. Put protections in place and make sure to backup all your important information in case of a security breach.



Recent Boasting by Windows is a Great Reason to Search out a VPN

Anyone using the internet today with relative ease probably knows, and accepts the fact that their data is being collected, compiled and stored away. In fact, this knowledge is so common that many of us just shrug our shoulders and accept that the sacrifice of privacy is simply the price that we pay for the convenience of being able to access seemingly endless amounts of data.

Some of us are wondering, however, if bragging about data collected was the best move that Microsoft could have made recently. It seems a little counterintuitive that a company which has offered repeated assurances about privacy should come to the forefront with the following facts about Windows 10:

  • More than 82 billion people have looked at photos using the photo App in Windows 10.
  • There have been more than 2.5 billion questions asked since Cortana was launched.
  • In December of 2016, people have spent a collective of more than 11 billion hours on Windows 10.
  • Gamers have increased their play time in 2015 and at last count, they had logged more than 4 billion hours.
  • Over 6.6 billion ours of time has been spent streaming Xbox One games on Windows 10 computers.

Uncomfortable Statistics

On the surface, these statistics are interesting. However, once you personalize them and begin to wonder how many of your own personal hours have been reviewed, tabulated and stored, you may begin to feel a bit like your privacy has been violated.

Simply knowing that Microsoft, which is currently the operating system for over 400 million devices, has the ability to collect any information they feel is important puts privacy into an entirely different perspective.

How Can a VPN Help?


If your levels of discomfort have risen while reading these facts, then you may be looking for a secure VPN, or Virtual Private Network, that will allow you to access the internet as you typically do, but will shield your private information from Microsoft and other entities who may be collecting your information. A quick visit to a website such as can be your first step to regaining your anonymity as their team reviews many VPN’s and offers recommendations based on privacy, reliability, speed, price and customer service.

Finding a reliable VPN will not only help secure your personal information, it may even have some extra benefits. For instance, did you know that Netflix offers different videos for streaming depending on where you are in the world? By masking your location, you gain access to many more video choices.

You don’t need to feel as if you are paranoid, just because you want to keep your information private. Instead, think of it as protecting the information that is being gathered without your permission. Look into the benefits of a VPN connection today and keep what is rightfully yours.

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