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Know details of you PC by Pirifom Speccy

When you have a PC in house, you may want to know what is inside of this box. Especially it is a brand name PC.
Before I turn to Piriform Speccy, I used cpuz, everst home, etc. Now it is a new product for me. It is a free software for home user.
As Piriform said, you can see the following information:

  • Processor brand and model
  • Hard drive size and speed
  • Amount of memory (RAM)
  • Graphics card
  • Operating system


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Mozilla release Firefox 16.0

I am always surprised by Firefox version number. It is just from 15.0 to 15.0.1. Now, it is Firefox 16.0.

Look at the complete list of bugs fixed by this new version.

Bug ID Summary

  • 761857 Make MOZ_CRASH() stop debuggers on the line containing it (or MOZ_ASSERT) on Linux, not in abort()
  • 761859 mozalloc_abort() should use MOZ_CRASH(), not roll its own crash behavior
  • 761861 Crash with contentEditable, insertParagraph, forwardDelete
  • 753665 shutdown crash in nsWindow::FindTopLevel
  • 770058 Switching main window between active and inactive doesn’t update the title bar active state if disab…
  • 770063 Intermittent test_sandbox.xul | Check number of loaded content types: application/javascript,text/ht…
  • 761872 content/base/test/test_bug518104.html has race between iframe and parent document script
  • 778263 JavaScript Error: “Error selecting word: [Exception… “Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 …
  • 761882 Hook up the WebIDL parser tests to run during make check
  • 761884 LayoutView is causing an infinite loop by making changes within a MozAfterPaint handler
  • 770079 Reload and Bookmark disappear from menu in Nightly on tablet with And. 4.03


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Use MetroTwit as my twitter tool on desktop

I used twhirl for two years. Now I have to say it is not the best one any more. I googled it and find MetroTwit.

I feel the look of it is simple and clear. I like it. Users can custimize the layout. From two columns to three or four columns. It can conain my own timeline, mentions, favorites and etc. Skins or themes are changable. And also notification system included.

Firstly, Drawing inspiration from Microsoft’s Metro design language, MetroTwit celebrates an elegant and clean user interface that’s beautiful to look at and a pleasure to read. I use the larger text to shown the content. I put the window in full screen on my second monitor.

Secondly, Taking advantage of the latest Microsoft .NET 4.0 and Windows Presentation Foundation 4 frameworks, MetroTwit is a first-class native application that shines on Windows. Yes, I have to install .NET 4.0 before install it.

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Studio Tax 2011

I use Studio Tax to file my tax return for 4 years. Now it is the fifth year.
The CRA certified version of StudioTax 2011 is Free and available for download.
It is totally free if you use it for your own,or your family member’s tax filing.
If you are a tax preparer, then visit to learn more about StudioTax Enterprise and to download a risk free fully functional trial copy(EFILE and Print functions included).

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FileZilla 3.5.3 release

FileZilla, one of the best FTP client software. I use it for many years. It is free software. Easy to use and navigate.
3.5.3 (2012-01-08)
New features:
Ctrl+Shift+O can be used to toggle between modification time and filesize based directory comparison
Bugfixes and minor changes:
It is now possible to use custom passwords if using “anonymous” as user name
After un-hiding toolbar, update toolbar button states
Fix TLS compatibility issues with TLS 1.2 servers
MSW: Unset hidden attribute on FileZilla’s settings files
Building FileZilla from source now requires wxWidgets 2.8.12 or higher.

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Firefox 9.01 release

Time goes so fast. And also version number of Firefox.
Today I saw Firefox 9.01 released. Actually it is released yesterday, Dec. 21, 2011.
Just one day after the Firefox 9.0, which is released on Dec. 20, 2011.
Firefox 8.0 released on Nov.8, 2011.
Is it a number game. To mimic Netscape Navigator.
I do hope Mozilla Firefox can improve the loading speed and fix the memory problem in the soonest future.
Google Chrome has better experience now. The only reason I still use Firefox is the plugins. Firefox has a lot of third party plugins.

Opera Upgrade to 11.0

The Version of Opera Browser is 11.00. Build 1156. Just upgrade to it few minutes ago.
I feel Opera is one of the fastest Internet browser, if it is not the fastest.
It has following new features:
Tab stacking
Dragging one tab over another allows you to create groups of tabs. Now you can keep dozens of webpages open, organized and under control.
Safer address field
The address field has been improved and now hides the complexity of long web addresses. It also provides more security information to help you stay safe when browsing; just click the badge for the website to see security information about the site you are visiting.

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Oracle VM VirtualBox is Great VM software

The only Free Virtual software.
Sometimes I need a different OS for testing purpose. I don’t want to install on a real computer. Otherwise I will be bothered by install another one or rewrite it.
To save time and space. I am looking for the VM software.
There are some products on the market. Including Oracle VirtualBox, VMware, Microsoft Virtual PC, etc.
After researching, I decide to use VirtualBox.
Host OS:
Windows, OS X, Linux, Solaris.
I tried both Windows XP and Windows 7. Easy and simply to installation.
Just download the VirtualBox 3.2.10 for Windows host, Save it and install this file.

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Microsoft Security Essentials released

Right now, Microsoft released its free security program, Microsoft Security Essential. It can not work on Windows 2000.
Operating System Requirement: Genuine Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3); Windows Vista (Gold, Service Pack 1, or Service Pack 2); Windows 7
Let’s see what he said about it:
Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.
I am not very sure how good it is. You would better try it yourself and leave your comment to tell others how it works.
You can get it free here.

phplist released 2.10.9

I just installed a mailing list software on one of my forum.
Because mass email function of phpBB 3 does not work, I have to pick phplist, one of best free mail list software.
I introduced this software before. Now it is v 2.10.9 which released on 29 January 2009.
I have some tips need to be recorded for future reference.
1) User list is exported from phpBB database through phpmyadmin.
2) Gmail/Google Apps setting for bounce email on phplist configuration file.

$bounce_mailbox_host = '';
$bounce_mailbox_user = '';
$bounce_mailbox_password = '********';
$bounce_mailbox_port = "995/pop3/ssl/novalidate-cert" ;

3) User list file is cvs format.
Please be remember to use tab delimiter, do not use common as delimiter.

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