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The Interview: AI WEIWEI

It is published on Playboy, South Africa edition, June issue.

A candid conversation with the Chinese dissident about being Beijing’s top target, using Twitter against oppression, and how Nancy Pelosi betrayed him.

It is ten page interview. A lot of information there. It is worth to read it and know why he did that. We are escapers from our homeland. We are losers. But, he is not, he is a fighter agaist them.

Here is the link to download the interview. Feel free to share the link.

The Connoisseur’s Guide to Meat

Last week, I bought a book at Sears store. The name as title is everything you want to know about meat.

It covers Beef, Pork, and Lamb. More than 250 pages.  In my family, we all love meat.

I just read very beginning of this book. It shows me that what is Chuck, what is brisket, what is rib, etc.  I can learn a lot from this book.


The amazon book description said:

From sumptuous steaks and prime cuts to braises and savory stews, this guide is a carnivore’s delight. Gourmets will appreciate the book’s accurate and comprehensive information about when, where, and how to buy meat; how to tell if it’s fresh, and how to prepare, cook, carve, and serve meat to best advantage. From store to kitchen to table, this compendium fills in all the blanks about how to obtain fresh meat from humane and sustainable sources, identify cuts, and fillet and carve them, while offering up a rich trove of reliable recipes.

A visual directory that showcases each cut and comments on flavor, preparation, and cost rounds out this indispensable culinary reference

Do you know RCMP or Mounties

As a Canadian, I saw RCMP almost everywhere in Canada. But do I know RCMP or Mounties history? The answer is NO.
I read a book, and get the following.

The RCMP evolved from the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP), created in 1873, by John A. Macdonald in response to the Cypress Hill Massacre, in which a conbination of alcohol, a dispute over a missing horse, and tensions between whiskey traders, Metis, and wolf-hunters led to a shooting spree that left twenty0three Assiniboine men, women, and children dead. The NWMP were charged with enforcing treaties with Canada’s Native peoples, trying to control the burgeoning American whiskey trade in the ares, and maintaining peace and order during the Klondike Gold Rush. The force had mixed results in the first two departments, but it had spectacular success in the klondike. The gold rush could have gone the other way: greed, gold, harsh conditions, an uncertain bureaucracy, prostitution, gambling – the klondike was a tinderbox waiting to go kaboom.

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Joomla 3 is coming

The Joomla! Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Joomla 3.0.0. This is the next major release of the Joomla CMS in the Standard Term Support (STS) track. All 3.0 users will need to plan to update to the new versions available in the STS release cycle every six months until version 3.5 is released. These updates are expected to be simple and backwards compatible.
What are the new features of Joomla! 3?

  • Incorporation of Twitter Bootstrap into a jui media package.
  • A new responsive, mobile device friendly administrator template–Isis– and interface.
  • A new front end template–Protostar– built using Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Updated accessible template called Beez3.
  • A simplified 3-step installation process.
  • PostgreSQL Driver. You will be able to run Joomla 3.0 sites using the PostgreSQL database.
  • PHP Memcached Driver
  • Use of JFeed for feed management rather than SimplePie
  • Installation of language packages directly from the extension manager
  • Guest user group present by default
  • Saving blank articles allowed
  • New administrator statistics module
  • Update TinyMCE to version 3.5.6
  • Continued clean up of older unused code, files and database fields and tables and improved standardization of tables.
  • Improvements to Smart Search
  • Extensive work on code style standardisation and consistency
  • Unit testing in the CMS
  • Updated system tests in the CMS
  • Custom active menu item for menu module
  • Let the SEF plug-in add the canonical url to the head
  • Version 12.2 of the Joomla Platform

This release also includes the current version (12.2) of the Joomla! Platform, which includes a large number of new and improved packages.

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Education Unrest at Hong Kong

Reading the newspaper, 24hours.
There are small paragraph about Education unrest at Hong Kong.
Thousands of protesters surrounded Hong Kong’s government headquarters on Monday over a plan to introduce a pro-China school curriculum that they describe as an attempt to branwash students.
Chanting “No to brain washing education. Withdraw national education,” some 8000 people denounced a Hong Kong government-funded booklet entitled The China Model they say glorifies China’s single Communist party rule while glossing over more brutal aspects of its rule and political controversies.
One hunger striker was taken away on a stretcher on the third straight day of protests after fasting for more than 40 hours.
Check twitter, there are updated information.

Where does your money go?

The question is where does your money go as a Canadian.
Just saw the answer from CB, or Canadian Business, Aug.13 issue.
The average Canadian household spends almost half its income on transportation, shelter and food. How does your spending compare?
If you use a personal financial software, it will be easy to track your spend by category. I normally use Quicken.

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